Andrew Bogut says Goodbye to Milwaukee

Andrew Bogut says Goodbye to Milwaukee

In 2005 the Milwaukee Bucks made Andrew Bogut the first Australian ever drafted No.1 to the NBA. After 7 long years it has come time for both Bogut and the Bucks to part ways.


At we reported a trade to Golden State was moments away and on Wednesday it became official. Bogut was traded along with (former Sydney King) Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and the expiring contract of injured center Kwame Brown.


Bogut has been a huge part of the community of Milwaukee during his time playing there. In 2009 Bogut held a charity fundraiser in Milwaukee to aid the Victorian Bushfires. In 2010 he  created ‘Squad 6’ a 100 person strong cheer squad who footed the bill for their tickets as long as they were loud and as wild as they could be to help bring the noise to the Bradley Center.

Squad 6 have said despite losing Bogut they intend to continue the Squad 6 in his honour.


24 hours after the trade Bogut spoke out to fans through his personal twitter account @AndrewMBogut today.

Where to start? Id like to thank the @bucks for 7 years I will never forget (for good and bad!!). Senator Kohl is a class act owner and I not only consider him my former boss, but my friend. I’d like to thank the people of Milwaukee. When I first came to Milwaukee I didn’t know a whole lot about the city. I quickly learned that people were very genuine and hard working and I was happy they accepted me and my accent! I wish I could have done more and been on the court more, but I leave knowing these were things that were out of my control. I wish the @bucks and the city/people of Milwaukee all the best.”


Whilst Andrew Bogut played basketball in Milwaukee he also represented what it was to be Australian to 600,000 strong city, who never doubted his work ethic or effort. Andrew Bogut is a warrior now, which is befitting as he always has been in the eyes of his fellow Australian’s.

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