Andrew Bogut voices opinion on marijuana use in the NBA

Andrew Bogut voices opinion on marijuana use in the NBA

A day after Steve Kerr admitted that he used marijuana twice over the last year and a half, players around the league are offering their take on the use of pot in the NBA.


The latest is Andrew Bogut. Prior to a game on Saturday night against the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks centre and former Warriors big man was asked about Kerr’s revelation by ESPN reporter Tim MacMahon.


“I’ve never tried it. I don’t know how much it helps, but from what I heard from guys who are retired and have chronic injuries, they say it helps a lot. Like I said, you are bringing a big can of worms if you allow it [without restrictions]. If you have open season, you’re going to have guys, I guarantee you’re going to have people playing in a game or practicing high. It’s just the reality of it.


You have guys in pro sports playing hungover. You have guys come to practice drunk sometimes. That’s how it is. If you all of the sudden can smoke, although there are a lot of positives to it, the downside is you could possibly have a lot of guys that are not 100 percent in the present. I think that’s why the league is saying what it’s saying.


But as far as it being legal in society, it should be fine to be legal. It’s a plant, it’s an herb, it’s a weed. … People that I’ve known that smoke, friends of mine, they’re the most chill kind of people ever. They don’t want to cause problems or fight. They usually just want to get a bag of Cheetos and sit there and watch TV or whatever. I think the effects of alcohol are far worse than weed can ever be.”


Bogut played for Kerr the last two seasons before being traded to Dallas this offseason.


While he obviously had put considerable thought behind his of context behind his thoughts, there was one particular quote that was, well, noteworthy and frankly hilarious that MacMahon tweeted out afterwards.


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