Ask Coach Sedale Threatt 30/09

Ask Coach Sedale Threatt 30/09

Have you got a question for LA Lakers Legend Sedale Threatt?

Sedale has played in over 950 NBA games, in is in the top 50 steals of All-Time. Now he lives in Australian and through his Australian Basketball College he helps Aussie Kids fulfil their dreams of player professional basketball every year. Each and every week here at Aussie Hoopla Sedale will answer a question from any of our follows asking for advice on how to take their game to the top!

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 Our first question comes from Marcus who is 13 years old and plays for the Waverley Falcons


Dear Sedale,
Currently I play on a rep team where I am stuck behind two really good guards and I never get to play quality minutes. I know I am not as good as they are right now but I am sure by just getting chance to play that in the long run I can be better than both of them. Should I focus on just working on my game by myself or should I go find another team which is perhaps not so good but at least I will get to play.


Regardless of what team you play on, your main goal especially playing juniors is to become the best player that you can be through individual development whether that is by yourself and / or through a formal training program. There is a big misconception that players need to play in VC or the top levels of juniors to develop more and get the best experience as well being a status symbol. I tend to always advise that when looking at playing on a rep team, you want to play on a team that you are actually going to play minutes. Again, the main focus of playing a rep team is about your individual development. It is very hard to develop sitting on the bench. Sometimes it is better to play in a Metro 1 or lower comp and / or at a smaller club so that you play more minutes so you can actually get some gametime experience and become a better player. Personally, I would prefer to play on a team that maybe a second team or in a lower comp if I knew I was going to play a majority of the minutes. Chances are this will give me an opportunity to develop and be the “man”. Then maybe next season I may look to play on a team that is in a higher comp which I will be better for and have more opportunity because I’ve got more experience.


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