Ben Gordon and the Adelaide 36ers: Is there any substance to the rumour?

Ben Gordon and the Adelaide 36ers: Is there any substance to the rumour?

Some sources have listed rumours that former Golden State Warrior Ben Gordon is heading to Adelaide as ‘strong’.


But what makes this rumour so strong? That a lot of people who know nothing about the situation are sprouting it as fact?


With Melbourne’s Hakim Warrick signing, there was supporting evidence given by a Josh Childress tweet.


However, with Ben Gordon there is nothing.


What we have is an available point guard,  an apparent point guard availability with the soon-to-be confirmed release of injured Kenyon McNeaill, and a whole lot of wishful thinking.


Kenyon was likely a budget import on a modest salary. It is doubtful that his replacement is going to be a guy fresh out of the NBA.


However, if Adelaide were to also drop the sporadic and ageing Ebi Ere, they might just have enough money to pay an Ex-NBAer, who perhaps values familiarity, cultural similarities and the English language enough to come down here for a spell.


Adelaide 36er fans have been bemused and perplexed by Ebi’s addition from the beginning, citing his age (34 years) and his high-volume shooter mentality as potential deficits.


If Ebi Ere were to be cut to conserve some money for a big name, there wouldn’t be a chorus of collective grief and sighs at the Adelaide Arena.


Don’t count on it happening, though. Ebi Ere is one of Joey Wright’s “guy’s”.


Just as Brian Goorjian did with the Sydney Kings/Australian Boomers, there are some players that will haunt every team that Joey Wright makes.


For instance, don’t expect a Joey Wright team in the future without Adam Gibson.


Adam, is similarly, one of Joey’s “guy’s”


Joey trusts certain players to bring his vision to the court, but is Ebi Ere really fit for that trust at his ripe old age and in his current, more circular, shape?


It is debatable at best.


So while there is no evidence, fact, or truth to link Ben Gordon to the Adelaide 36ers, the constant talk from know-nothing fans is sure to get the Adelaide coaching staff and management thinking.


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