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A look at Basketball across all the leagues of the world

Don’t Sleep on UC Davis signing Chima Moneke

Chima Moneke may not be as well know as some other young basketball talents like Dante Exum, Ben Simmons and Thon Maker but this doesn't mean he won't stand beside these stars while the Australian national anthem plays at a future international tournament.   Chima has walked a very unique path thus far. Beginning in Nigeria, travelling half-way across the world to being schooled in Australia and now to the USA...
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Jordan McRae shares how the NBL has prepared him for the NBA

Jordan McRae recently spoke on Tennessee Radio about his time playing in Australia and his goal to make it onto an NBA roster this year.   The 24 year old shooting guard played four years for the University of Tennessee and was drafted 58th overall by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Draft. Soon after McRae was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers and given the opportunity to play for...
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Thon Maker, a story like no other

Last month Australian giant Thon Maker had every college coach in the NCAA drooling when he announced to the world he would leave high school early to attend college. The upcoming months the Mike Krzyzewski's and and John Calipari's of the world try their best to develop a relationship with the young star in attempts to wear blue and white for their school, problem is...
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LSU signee Ben Simmons as good as advertised

The hype and the expectations surrounding Ben Simmons seem almost unfair to put on the shoulders of an 18-year old. The comparisons to guys like Kobe and LeBron. The tweet from Shaquille O’Neal proclaiming that “LSU just signed the best player in the world” when Simmons signed with the Tigers in November. The dozen or so cameras and tape recorders in his face Wednesday at the Alario Center,...
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Joe Ingles set to be a New Orleans Pelican?

Flash-back to the 2012 London Olympics and the basketball world was transfixed on how Team-USA would win their next gold-medal. Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony led the way as they walked easily towards their goal of being the best basketball nation in the world. One of the sub-plots to transpire was the emergence of Australian small-forward Joe Ingles. The...
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Ater Majok (LA Lakers Draft Pick) Podcast #18

"I'm glad they announced me as being from the Gold Coast (Blaze) instead of UConn, I was actually more exciting to be announced from Australia because not many people have been able to represent Australia (in the NBA)" - Ater Majok takes us through what it was like being drafted by the LA Lakers. Ater Majok led the NBL in...
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