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Interesting news from the premier basketball league in the world… the NBA

It’s no coincidence it’s Warriors Vs Cavs again (Sponsored Post)

It’s no coincidence that Andre Iguodala entering the Warriors starting line-up in Game 4 during last year’s Finals resulted in the Warriors winning the last three games of the series.   The ‘Death Line-up’ as it is referred to by the media consists of Stephen Curry, Tristan Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green and that unit, when starting in last year’s Finals series outscored the...
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NBA play-off bracket competition

Hey Aussie NBA Fans, Do you want to enter Australia's longest running NBA play-off bracket competition?   Do you think you know more about the NBA than the rest of the basketball tragic's we know and love as the Aussie Hoopla faithful?   nba comp stars Want to compare your tips for the NBA crown to notable celebrity hoop heads like...
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Ben Simmons Skips Draft Combine, Thon Maker Looks To Benefit From It

The NBA has released its official 2016 NBA Draft Combine list today.   One name who isn't on the list of expected attendees is our own Ben Simmons. This shouldn't however be too much of a surprise to those keeping track.   The NBA Draft Combine is a multi-day showcase which occurs every May before the NBA draft. It's purpose is to allow NBA coaches, general managers, and scouts...
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Ben Simmons Won’t Play For Australia In Rio

Ben Simmons has made it known that he will not be wearing green and gold in Rio this year.   The conversation around whether Ben Simmons will be able to juggle both NBA commitments and the NBA draft process has been a hot topic. Today Ben Simmons decision made it clear to Basketball Australia.   The report came from ESPN’s Chris Broussard, who quoted Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, who confirmed Simmons will...
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How Delly is Surviving the Crowded Cavs’ Backcourt Situation

  The Cleveland Cavaliers started the season with a pretty crowded backcourt situation, with two point guards, two shooting guards, and one combo guard. The issue with these 5 players is that not only are they all rotation players, but they are also all arguably starters as well.

5 Starters for 2 Positions

And when you have 5 guys who can all play 35 minutes per game competing...
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The Hard Truth: Why Kobe Must Be Benched To Save The Lakers

Kobe Bryant is a legend, plain and simple. He is arguably the greatest player to ever wear a Lakers uniform, a scoring phenom, a future Hall of Famer, Olympic gold medalist, a five-time NBA champion, a global icon, MVP. But in his 20th NBA season, it’s time to head to the bench. It sounds ludicrous, but the Lakers need to do this. From memory, the...
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How Did Tristan Thompson Get $80.8 Million More Than Delly?

The above headline is absolutely insane.   Now I know that it is partly misleading, because Tristan Thompson's $82 million contract is spread out over 5 years, and Delly signed his $1.2 million deal for just 1 year. But still. $80.8 million???   The difference is still tangible. If Thompson and Dellavedvoa both suffered career-ending injuries before the season even starts, Thompson would walk away with...
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Joe Ingles signs 2-year, $4.5 million deal with Utah Jazz

Free agent wing Joe Ingles has signed a 2-year, $4.5 million dollar deal with the Jazz, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.   Ingles came out of nowhere relative obscurity to play 79 games for Utah in his rookie season. He had spent several years overseas in Europe and Israel before coming across to make his NBA debut at 27 and it went exceedingly well. Ingles ended...
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