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News From Around the National Basketball League

Kings set to unleash towering centre

The Sydney Kings seem to have have found a replacement for injured star Julian Khazzouh, one who hasn't been retired for over for years (no disrespect to Ben Knight).   Towering centre Jordan Vandenberg has been training with the Kings over the past two days and is expected to join the team before the end of the week.   Below is footage of Jordan Vandenburg (black top) training with...
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NBL Rooks look to start 2016 with a bang

While NBL have been making big noise signing established stars like Josh Childress, Chris Goulding and Nathan Jawai this year's crop of NBL rookies have been able to fly under the radar and help teams like Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth cement themselves at the top of the NBL ladder.   Three rookies from the city of churches have become part of a young rookie core ready to...
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Cairns may sign Jeremy Kendle to replace injured guard Markel Starks

Perhaps following Townsville Crocodiles lead by scanning the second-tier basketball leagues in Australlia to find an import replacement the Cairns Taipans are set to announce the signing of Jeremy Kendle, Channel 7 reporter Josh Bristow reporting the story. jeremy kendle cairns taipans Kendle was the leading scorer and MVP of the Queensland Basketball League while playing with the Toowoomba Mountaineers...
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How Omar Samhan gives Townsville a new identity

Sometimes things just don’t happen fast enough. We all want to lose weight faster, make money quicker, so it’s understandable that with the Townsville Crocodiles facing the reality of finishing in the bottom two for the fifth season in a row, they decided they'd like to start winning some games right now!   It’s clear the team has been struggling for an identity. There is no clear characteristic that you...
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Sydney Kings Fear Worst – Josh Childress Injured (Again)

The Sydney Kings, who currently sit at the bottom of the NBL ladder, have suffered yet another set back as we hear reports of that superstar Josh Childress has injured himself for a third time this season.   Sydney Kings newly annointed head coach Joe Connelly says Childress injured himself during the first quarter of the team's 18 point loss to the Cairns Taipans. "The pain was too bad...
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Brian Conklin’s Loss To Shake Up The Swamp

No Time For Crocodile Tears In Townsville.

For some it was a huge surprise, for others it was long overdue. The Townsville Crocodiles decision to release reigning league MVP Brian Conklin however is a step in the right direction.   With poor crowd attendance, a lackluster record and a team seemingly unable to gel, something needed to change. So why did it have to be Brian Conklin?   "Unfortunately, we...
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Is Chris Goulding the greatest shooter in the NBL today… Or possibly ever?

  Chris Goulding has been deadly from beyond the arc since he returned from Spain. The shots he has been taking AND making in the NBL this year are ridiculous, step back three’s, running floaters from behind the three-point line, buzzer beaters from deep. And it’s not the type of shots he’s been taking but how many. 9 games into the season and Goulding is averaging 9.5...
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Al Harrington signing shows that NBA players in the NBL is now expected.

Al Harrington would have been the biggest name to ever grace an NBL court merely two years ago, but now he is relegated to a four-week injury replacement for Sydney Kings sparkling coup, Josh Childress.   Such is the rise of the NBL that you can now replace an NBA player with an NBA player and nobody bats an eyelid any more. [caption id="attachment_5697" align="alignnone" width="300"]Read more

Sorry to see Kenyon McNeaill go but welcome Jerome Randle

Unfortunateley Adelaide 36ers and NBL fans will never get to find out how good Kenyon McNeaill could have been.   After a strong pre-season he injured himself participating in the dunk contest at the NBL Blitz. Editors Note: Rolan Roberts anyone? As a result was hampered in his first 3 games for the 36ers and now after the injury was going to keep him out for weeks the...
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The NBL’s TV product is “not so new” for the New NBL.

The NBL certainly talked up a big game before the season.   Larry Kestleman said things to the effect of "We will not be doing anything, with anything less than total professionalism."   Indeed, the fans and players have been wrapped up in such talk, believing Kestleman to be the prophesied 'White Knight' of Australian Basketball.   But right now, I am not so convinced.   I am not so convinced that the...
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