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News From Around the National Basketball League

Kendrick Perry learns being an NBL import is tough gig

It was late November when Kendrick Perry started hearing the criticisms. Not scoring enough. Not enough assists. Too passive. Too inconsistent. It got so bad, the Sydney Daily Telegraph felt it needed to run a story about how the Sydney didn't plan on cutting him despite his underwhelming play, how rough is that? The crazy part? His professional career was seven games old... yes being an import is...
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Sydney Kings defeat Eastern Kentucky Colonel’s 76-65

In its first game of a four-game tour of Australia, the Eastern Kentucky University men's basketball team lost 76-65 to the Sydney Kings at the Sutherland Basketball Stadium. The fact that Eastern Kentucky had landed in Sydney a mere 24 hours prior to the game was hidden behind some great energy and focus as the young team threw everything they had at the new look Kings. New...
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Jamar Wilson signs with Adelaide 36ers for 2014/15

Jamar Wilson has put pen to paper and will play the 2014/15 NBL season with the Adelaide 36ers. The 36ers decided not to re-sign Gary Ervin who despite a very exciting playing style combined with the fact he averaged 20 ppg and 4.5 apg often came under fire under coach Joey Wright during the season. Ervin was suspended for one game and fined $7500 after...
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Which year was the NBL’s greatest rookie crop?

The NBA often discuss which draft class is the greatest in their history. The NBL does not have a draft, however there is often a year that we see a high influx of young talent enter the league all at once. The NBL used to pay tribute to this fact every year during the All-Star weekend with a rookie game of sorts known as the "Future...
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Darryl McDonald (All-Time NBL Steals Leader) Podcast #27

"After my second year with the Tigers Lindsay retires, Drewey retires, Copes and Bradtke went on to Brisbane and Chris Anstey had come in. I hadn't talked to anybody and nobody came and spoke to me so I signed a deal with Wollongong" - Darryl McDonald shares how he agreed to play with Wollongong Hawks prior to winning his two NBL Titles with the Melbourne Tigers Read more

Cal Bruton (NBL Hall of Famer) Podcast #25

"It was a different time... the worst racism often came from the white american imports, one said I thought I left America to get away from you n*ggas... that was when the fight broke out, and the league took a bit of a stand after that" - Cal Bruton discusses racism in the early days of the NBL. Head to iTunes to...
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NBL back on boards and seeking prime time

More teams, more games and an online presence are crucial says the Australian's Sally Jackson IT has been a decades-long timeout but, following an extensive restructure this year, the newly revived National Basketball League has a game plan to boost its media coverage and win back lost audiences. New NBL chief executive Fraser Neill, at a Sydney Kings v Townsville Crocodiles game, says he hopes to double the number...
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Sydney Kings signing Sam Young proves marketability makes cash

Sam Young’s signing with the Sydney Kings this week should deliver a strong message that the demerger between the NBL and Basketball Australia has already proven to be the jump start needed to return the league to its former glory. The potential benefits of investing in a higher quality import to help market the NBL  is something which has been debated for a long time. In 2007...
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