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News From Around the National Basketball League

Melbourne United are the NBL’s Golden State Warriors

The all-conquering Golden State Warriors have created a fearsome squad that revolves around quick ball movement, interchangeable line-ups and an ability for (nearly) all on the court to drain three-pointers.   It has created a shift in the basketballing landscape, with more teams around the world modifying their game to be more perimeter-based, with smaller lineups that have multiple shooters.   No team in the NBL identifies with this...
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Where will the next NBL expansion team go?

Larry Kestleman, CEO of the NBL, has stated that he wants more clubs in the league within the next few years which is set to be especially thrilling for people who live in areas that might gain a new club.   However, the biggest question is: where should these new teams be located? Every city believes that they should get one, but some factors could make or...
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Power Rankings – Week Thirteen

There are only six rounds to go in the 40th NBL season, and it seems the playoff positions are pretty much sewn up.  Perth, Melbourne and the Breakers are all tied for first place at 12-6 while Illawarra has to make up three games in those six rounds to knock off Adelaide for the final postseason position.  Possible?  Absolutely.  Probable?  Not really.   Question of...
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Isaac Humphries says he is still talking with NBA teams

The first thing that I notice when I sit down with Isaac Humphries is his 7 foot frame towering over me. He barely fits into the chair at the café table where we sit for our interview. Unfortunately there aren’t any other chairs available, but he doesn’t look perturbed – I get the impression that this probably happens a lot for Humphries.

  The second...
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Power Rankings – Week Nine

Listen to those kitty’s roar!  The Wildcats are coming for that three-peat, and is there anyone left in the league that can stop them?   Question of the Week Now that New Zealand has come back down to earth, can either Melbourne or Adelaide overtake them?   1.Perth Wildcats (+1) Record: 10-3 Next Round: Brisbane (home) ORtg: 121.9 (1); DRtg: 108.9 (3); Net: +12.9...
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Power Rankings – Week Eight

After what felt like an eternity, NBL basketball is back in business.  As much as watching the Boomers dismantle Chinese Taipei and eventually get going against Japan, there is nothing in this country like the best basketball teams in the league at each other.   Question of the Week Two games, two losses.  Should the Breakers be worried or is it just a hiccup?   Read more

Brett Maher: Time for Matt Hodgson to Hit the Bench

Brett Maher, league legend and court name holder for the Adelaide 36ers, believes that Matt Hodgson’s time as a starter is up, and import Josh Childress should be inserted into the first five.   Posting to his Facebook page, Maher reasons that Hodgson, who is leading the team in fouls, would be protected from the referees so can be more of an impact at the end of...
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