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“The Best Damn Aussie Basketball Podcast on the Net”… Each episode we chat to all the big names in Australian Basketball

Tony Ronaldson (Winningest Player in NBL History) Podcast #39

"I think he left a laptop on a plane once. After that what he used to do is put one of his shoes in the overhead compartment with (the laptop) so he wouldn't forget it. He also used to think he was a pretty good shooter, and he was. If he stood there, he could shoot with any player in the game, but if you...
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Ricky Grace (Perth Wildcats Legend) Podcast #38

They used to sit (Lanard) a lot... and I used to think why is he off the court... and i could tell it used to eat him up. So during free throws I go over to him while I was still on the court and say "why you over there... you scared?" and it would piss him off so bad - Ricky Grace gives a little...
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CJ Bruton (6 Time NBL Champion) Podcast #36

“We agreed to call team USA by their numbers, so we came out I had Jason Kidd so I said I got 5, someone else said I got 7, another I got 9 and Kobe was on the foul line and he says, you know my name, just say my name so I said no one cares about your name, but you’re gonna take this...
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