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“The Best Damn Aussie Basketball Podcast on the Net”… Each episode we chat to all the big names in Australian Basketball

CJ Bruton (6 Time NBL Champion) Podcast #36

“We agreed to call team USA by their numbers, so we came out I had Jason Kidd so I said I got 5, someone else said I got 7, another I got 9 and Kobe was on the foul line and he says, you know my name, just say my name so I said no one cares about your name, but you’re gonna take this...
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Brett Maher (Adelaide 36ers Legend) Podcast #31

“Adrian Hurley brought Longley, Bradtke and Vlahov in at the same age and the Australian program was rewarded ten fold by doing that... I think if you are gonna take an eleventh or twelfth man you should go with some young guys and give them some experience"  - Brett Maher's thoughts on whether Ben Simmons should have been selected in the FIBA World Cup Boomers squad. Read more

Jacob Holmes’ mission to remove the NBL Points System – Podcast #30

“At the start of the year the NBL players totalled 576 points, by the end of the year the same group of players were rating over 600, which was over the points allowed for the league. So no matter if there are better players to take an NBL players job or not at the end of the year there are players in our league that...
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Shane Heal (Australian Boomers Legend) Podcast #28

"The trash Gary Payton was saying to me, it was laughable, like I'm going to kill you after the game... literally, just silly stuff. I guess when I asked if there was a hole in 'the Glove' he didn't appreciate it" - Shane Heal sharing Trash Talking stories of when he went head to head with Gary Payton in the Olympics.   Head...
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Mark Bradtke (Melbourne Tigers Legend) Podcast #26

"He was trying to find out how much power did he have, he'd try things and no one would say no to him, I think if he had an older player or coach to guide him through those things he would have developed into a different player. He'd take off his seatbelt and run up and down a private plan during take-off but no one would say anything so of course he...
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Cal Bruton (NBL Hall of Famer) Podcast #25

"It was a different time... the worst racism often came from the white american imports, one said I thought I left America to get away from you n*ggas... that was when the fight broke out, and the league took a bit of a stand after that" - Cal Bruton discusses racism in the early days of the NBL. Head to iTunes to...
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