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“The Best Damn Aussie Basketball Podcast on the Net”… Each episode we chat to all the big names in Australian Basketball

Igor Hadziomerovic (Melbourne United Rookie) Podcast #43

I was (most) excited to play against Perth with Hugh (Greenwood) being there but kudos to him, you've got to follow what your heart says. It's a bit rough because I thought he could have brought a lot to the sport of basketball but it would have been nice to play against him. - Igor Hadziomerovic on who he is most excited to play against this...
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Building a Basketball League – Episode One

The Champions League Basketball concept was born in 2014. Since then, Co-Founder Matthew Hollard has brought together an Executive Team and an Advisory Team, both comprising of expert basketball and business personnel.   With a desire to grow the game of basketball in Australia the team have already begun connecting with fans and setting things in place in order to see this new league debut in May...
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Bruce Bolden (Sydney Kings & West Sydney Razorbacks) Podcast #42

I land at Tullamarine, two ladies (from my new team) picked me up, I assumed I would be playing near Melbourne, you know capital city and as we headed towards the city and I see the tall buildings and I'm thinking city life, fantastic, thinking I must be playing somewhere around here. We keep driving along the highway and around Dandenong I look behind me...
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Nik Popovic (NBL Strength and Conditioning Coach) Podcast #41

"One day Brian gave me a call, I'd just finished a gym session with the (Kings) and he was talking to me about the next game, we were n the playoffs, and he was very intense in what was saying and it was about what he wanted for the week preparing for the game. I said no worries and then all of a sudden I could...
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Tony Ronaldson (Winningest Player in NBL History) Podcast #39

"I think he left a laptop on a plane once. After that what he used to do is put one of his shoes in the overhead compartment with (the laptop) so he wouldn't forget it. He also used to think he was a pretty good shooter, and he was. If he stood there, he could shoot with any player in the game, but if you...
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Ricky Grace (Perth Wildcats Legend) Podcast #38

They used to sit (Lanard) a lot... and I used to think why is he off the court... and i could tell it used to eat him up. So during free throws I go over to him while I was still on the court and say "why you over there... you scared?" and it would piss him off so bad - Ricky Grace gives a little insight...
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