Channel Seven Olympic Subscription Service a Boon for Boomers fans

Channel Seven Olympic Subscription Service a Boon for Boomers fans

If you’re wondering how you will catch all the great Boomers, Opals and Dream Team action this year, wonder no more. Channel Seven today announced plans for a paid subscription service to cover every event of the Rio Olympics, live and on demand.


An article in The Australian newspaper suggests that the service will be cheap and affordable, with an estimated price of $25 for the two week event.


This will be welcome news for basketball fans, long used to getting only short snippets of the group games, or having to buy FOXTEL to enjoy the full Olympic experience.


The announcement is especially timely with the Boomers set to begin their first Olympic camp in exactly a month from today, the team expected to be the first Australian Men’s basketball team to contest a medal in sixteen years.


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