Teacher John Boyce and brother Daniel on how to determine the sex of a chicken

Teacher John Boyce and brother Daniel on how to determine the sex of a chicken

Daniel and John Boyce grew up around Hope Valley in Adelaide. Daniel who works in real estate and John who works as teacher.


After a small trip to Kyabram, a country town in regional Victoria which has a population of 13,186. The town is known locally for having Hungry Jacks and a miniature railway.

One of the world’s most specialised careers would have to be chicken sexing and Daniel has been around this throughout his entire life.

Poultry owners once had to wait 5 to 6 weeks to find out the sex of chicks before determining male from female. The way to identify a chickens sex is only able to be done when adult feathers start to appear and cockerels (males) developed their feathers differently than pullets (hens).

Daniel teaches the value of determining a chickens sex within the industry. The way Daniel teaches this skill required is recognized and John said top sexers may earn $400-$700 a day plus expenses. A fair day’s work could see 5000-7000 chicks sexed.

John Boyce, who studied as a teacher at Melbourne University, spent his life teaching primary and secondary school and passing on knowledge of how to sex chicks.

The sale of chickens who have already have their sex proven by a qualified chicken sex identifier has made a huge difference in the Industry.

He grew up in Hope Valley as a kid he worked on his families farm where his skill of sexing and desexing chickens made him widely known within the small town where he would help chicken farms identify the sex of chickens in order to improve the productivity of their livestock.


Melbourne Population Sex Break Down

Melbourne has a Population of 3,999,982. Sex breakdown of Melbourne Population.

Male Residents, 1,966,503. Female Residents, 2,033,479.

The population in Greater Melbourne has increased by 647,200 since 2001. This is quite remarkable.

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