Is Matthew Dellavedova’s new deal a mistake?

Is Matthew Dellavedova’s new deal a mistake?

Why Delly Made a Mistake

When someone bets on themselves, it’s a gamble, no doubt. It requires confidence, hustle, skill, and a good situation. And when Mathew Dellavedoa  passed up a couple of million dollars guaranteed in return for a 1 year, $1.1 million deal, I thought he made a huge mistake. That is because he does not possess all four of the above stated aspects.


Delly does not lack confidence, that much we know. He took on the league MVP in the Finals, and shut him down for 3 games. Granted, Curry eventually got the better of him, but Delly gave it his all and performed pretty well.


There is not a single player or fan who doubts Delly’s hustle. Diving for loose balls, sticking with his man on defense, and playing every game like it was his last is one of the attributes that created a mini Linsanity level of admiration for Delly. If the NBA gave out a hustle award, Delly would sweep the votes.


This is where it gets murky. After a microscope came on him during the Finals, people began to take apart Delly’s game, and found many holes in his playmaking and offensive ability. I will say though, that he was the all time leader in points and assists at St Marys, and even though it’s not a school on the level of a Duke or Kentucky, it does require some equitable skill to lead the team the way Delly did.

Good Situation

This is where it gets dicey for Delly, and ultimately might be the reason that his betting on himself could be a mistake. Last year, Delly was in a great situation. Backing up an oft-injured point guard allows for extra playing time, spot starts, and, when on a LeBron James team, a national spotlight. Playing big minutes for the Cavs in the playoffs and doing well, at times, is what earned Delly a few million dollars. Delly soon found himself in a 3 guard rotation alongside JR Smith and Iman Shumpert, and mostly shined given the opportunity.

The problem now, however, is that Mo Williams has entered the mix. Williams is undeniably a more talented guard than Delly , and will most certainly get more minutes than him. Assuming that JR Smith comes back, and that Kyrie will be relatively healthy, I wonder where Delly will get his minutes and touches.

Contract Negotiations

Delly certainly possesses the confidence, skills, hustle and drive required of a player who thinks he can earn big money. The problem here, however, is that Delly is not in a good playing time situation. And the fact that he passed up a few million dollars in order to get a few more million dollars is troubling, because I fear that he may not get the opportunity he had last year.

Future Money

Although we don’t know the exact numbers, I would confidently speculate that the Cavs offered at least 3 years for $6 million. Rumors were that Delly wanted 3 years for $12 million. And even though we won’t know for another season if Delly made the right decision, I think he is in a tough spot in terms of the rotation. On the depth chart, he is behind Kyrie, Shump, JR and now Mo Williams. Is the 5th guard worth more than 1 or 2 million a year? Probably not. Only time will tell, but I think that Delly is not in the ideal situation to earn more money than he was offered.


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