Heal looking to be more than an outside shot in Ice Cube’s BIG 3 league

Heal looking to be more than an outside shot in Ice Cube’s BIG 3 league

Most Australian basketball fans thought they’d seen the last of Shane Heal on a basketball court about a decade ago for the Gold Coast Blaze. But the 46 year old Boomers’ legend might just have a few more tricks up his sleeve when he enters the BIG 3 draft combine in April.


The BIG 3, the brainchild of hip hop mega star Ice Cube, is a 3 on 3 competition which will be touring America during the NBA off season, and its main focus is bringing retired NBA veterans back into the limelight.


“It sucks to see your favorite players retire. Especially when you know they still ‘got game’. ” – Ice Cube.


The BIG 3 league is the realization of a dream for Ice Cube, who had grown sick of seeing his favorite players retire while they still have something to offer the sport. But Australian fans would never have thought Ice Cube’s dream might apply to one of their very own.


Former All Stars such as Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, and Jason Williams have already nabbed spots in the 8 team league, but with 5 spots on each team, there is still room for the bleach-blond Boomer who once bumped bosoms with the barrel chested Barkley.


Heal will be put through his paces at the combine, and will have to brave a litany of scrimmages and fitness tests before the teams are unveiled in time for the inaugural season tip off on the 25th of June.



Competition for spots will be fierce, with Latrell Spreewell, Earl Boykins, Kenny Anderson and Smush Parker also fighting for coveted roster spots.


Ice Cube, Allen Iverson and co at the announcement of the BIG 3 league.

The BIG 3 is set to become the first professional 3 on 3 league in the world.


For more information on the BIG 3 league, head to BIG 3



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