Is this Jerome Randle’s goodbye letter?

Is this Jerome Randle’s goodbye letter?

With recent news that Jerome Randle has flown to his new gig with French club Limoges CSP without first confirming a deal with the Adelaide 36ers, one question has been on the minds of Adelaide faithful – will Jerome “Handles” Randle be back next season?


Those hoping for a resounding yes from the NBL superstar may be disappointed if a recent Facebook post is anything to go by.


For those who remember the end of last season well, they would remember Randle being publicly engaged in talks about renewing his contract almost as soon as the season ended. He spoke of his unfinished business with the team, and that his agent had named his price.


He also spoke of the love he has for Adelaide. He said Coach Joey Wright had helped him find his love for the game once more.


But today, the heartfelt message he gave to Adelaide fans was not filled with the certainties of a season ago.


In fact, it sounded eerily like a goodbye.


Just want to say thank you adelaide for a great second year. The love you have given me and my wife has been top 5…

Posted by Jerome Randle on Wednesday, 1 March 2017


The message raises more questions than it answers. Does “until next time” mean “until next season”?


He said he loves the city of Adelaide, but does he still love the Adelaide 36ers?


Imports come and go in the NBL; we’ve become accustomed to that.


Usually they do a one or two season stint and as soon as they’re gone, they’re forgotten – but Jerome Randle is a different story in Adelaide.


Jerome Randle is family. Jerome Randle resurrected the long lost spirit that inhabited Adelaide Arena when Adelaide was truly Title Town.


And although he didn’t lead us to glory this year, he belongs in the conversation with Mark Davis, Darnell Mee, Willie Farley and Kevin Brooks as an import who has become part of our basketball DNA.


In short, Adelaide is not ready to say goodbye yet.


So how about ‘until next season’, Jerome?

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