Jason Cadee eager to achieve big things, and in Sydney Kings uniform

Jason Cadee eager to achieve big things, and in Sydney Kings uniform

What a season it has been for Sydney Kings point guard Jason Cadee.


The Kings have without any doubt been one of the most talked teams in the NBL in the offseason and when the season started. The decisions they’ve made after last year’s season have shaken up the league.


The team gave head coaching duties to the great Andrew Gaze — signed proven Australian veterans Brad Newley and Alex Maric, and some quality American imports and amongst all of that, Jason Cadee has been working hard to prove he can be a Australian born, starting point guard in a league filled with talented import players playing that position.


It’s probably the position in our league which is hardest for an Australian to solidify himself. The competition has always relied on import point guards and no one really bar Adam Gibson and Damian Martin have been able to assume control of an NBL franchise from that position since players like CJ Bruton, Shane Heal and Brett Maher were running up and down the court (and if you get really technical, you can argue they played a lot of shooting guard during their time also).


25 year old, Cadee aims to grab the “brass ring” and add his name to the list of Australian NBL stars who have led successful NBL teams as a starting point guard.


Sydney has not had a winning season since they returned to the league in 2010, but with new ownership, they entered this season as genuine title threats.


Cadee’s role was to be a rotate in as the team’s third guard, however, with situations resulting in Michael Bryson and Steve Blake being released earlier this seas, Cadee has been thrust into a starting role.


The Kings sit currently 6th on the NBL ladder we spoke with Cadee on the roller coaster season he’s had this year and his goal of becoming the best Australian point guard in this league.


Q. Soon one more NBL season will be behind you. How do you feel right now about your season so far, good, bad, or…?


Mixed feelings about this season right now. I have been happy with how I have played but also very disappointed with myself in a few games this year. Overall I think I have taken a step forward though.


You’re putting up good numbers, 13 points, three assists and a steal in 31 minutes per game. Would you describe this season as the best one of your career? 


It’s a tough one to say — but I would say — this has probably been my best season — yes.


Not everything good and positive appears on the stats sheet, what else has developed about your game this year?


 I think most of this year I have been more aggressive which has lead to me making plays for myself or others. Whilst it doesn’t always reflect in the stats with assists in the NBL, i definitely feel I have been better with that throughout the season.


You’ve been a King since 2014 now, and you mentioned that you signed a two-year agreement to stay with the Kings when you joined us on the podcast recently, what’s do you feel is exciting about being a part of the Kings organisation right now.


I see Sydney as being the best city in Australia. Obviously, a little biased as it is my home, but with that and the whole positive change around the club that has taken place — I look forward to the future and see myself as hopefully being in Sydney for a very long time.

I also think our fans have been fantastic this season. I feel they have seen a massive change in the club and personnel around the club and that makes things  exciting.

While the last month has been disappointing results wise I think there is a lot to look forward to in regard to the end of this season and beyond. If we can make our way into the playoffs anything can happen and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks trying to do that.


Four games left in the regular season. Currently, the team is on a four-game losing streak what type of feelings are in the Kings locker room right now?


Yep we have definitely put ourselves in a tough spot. We haven’t adapted well to a few changes that have taken place and dropped a few games we shouldn’t have. In saying that with 4 games left we are still in the hunt with basically the whole league so as frustrating as the last few weeks have been there is still a positive vibe in the group and we look forward to the challenge.


Jason’s quest to be great, no doubt is linked to the Kings success for the remaining season. It will be interesting to see the success the final month of the NBL season brings to both of them.


Author: Dževad Mešić (13 Posts)