Joe Ingles lights up the small screen in Purple commercial

Joe Ingles lights up the small screen in Purple commercial

When 29 year-old Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles hangs up his boots he might find a career in comedic acting if a recent US advertisement is anything to judge by.


The Australian features alongside teammate Gordon Hayward and an unnamed too-old to be a towel boy, towel boy in a 2 minute commercial promoting Purple brand mattresses.


The commercial begins with Ingles and the towel boy conversing among them about what’s to be done with the under-performing Hayward, who is sitting on the bench looking dejected.


Ingles suggests that Hayward goes into “that mystical, purple, glowing room,” and when he exits, he is a new man with a fresh hair cut.


The problem with Hayward had apparently been a lack of proper sleep.


Ingles’ Australian blasé persona and thick accent is on full display through the commercial, and one can’t help but wonder if the likable Aussie could have a career on American TV in the not-too-distant future.


Ingles, known as Slow-Moe-Joe in the NBA, is already known for his dry sense of humor in the states, and his penchant for practical jokes.


The Purple commercial, released on Monday, might be evidence that that dry sense of humor could translate to the screen.


What do you think? Could Slow-Moe-Joe succeed where Rove LIVE failed?


Check out the commercial and let us know.


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Posted by Purple on Saturday, 15 April 2017

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