Lets hope for some fun in today’s new NBL TV spots.

Lets hope for some fun in today’s new NBL TV spots.

Some of the NBL’s biggest and brightest were up early this morning for the annual grey jumper convention.


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Grey skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face!


In celebration of all things bland, they also showed off their new ISC jerseys.


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smiling resiliently in their underwhelming garb


I can only assume that the jerseys are politely coloured as to not draw focus away from the sponsor logos.


The NBL’s apparel deal with ISC is, in my estimation, the first misstep of the pre-season for the rapidly improving league.


But onto something prettier, Josh Childress was getting some Caitlyn Jenner treatment this morning in preparation for a possible TV add.


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Childress looking like he has done this before



Josh Childress will surely be batting his eyes at the Australian public, and making a very solid pitch to check out our fine league.


Childress is as marketable a player as the league has ever had, and pitting him front and centre of any promotion is a wise idea.


What wouldn’t be wise, would be following the trend of prior TV adds.


If you have had the misfortune of seeing the NBL’s recent TV adds, you will have been treated to turnovers, morons in the crowd, and six-foot-seven white guys standing stiffly, posturing like they are tough, and demonstrating their deficit in personality.



Smiles are free, David.



David Barlow has been one of the worst offenders for this kind of shenanigan.



Have a coke and a smile and STFU Adam. (Nah, you cool)



Adam Gibson gives it a go, too.


That is not a sledge on those guys. Someone on the other side of the camera is saying “Give us your best Action Man face.”


That is an awfully misguided way to showcase the league. It demotes grown men with fully formed identities to a hollow, narrow and faceless expression of masculinity. This one-size- fits-all, cookie cutter approach does not make stars.


Where is the realism? Where is the fun? Where is the personality?


The real test for the upcoming NBL TV add will be showcasing the reality, fun, and personality of the potential stars.


I say potential stars, because that is what they could be if marketed correctly.


If the NBL’s latest photo is anything to go by, we might be heading for more of the same.


Tai Wesley: At least he is bringing a bit of 'The Rock' to his stoic stance.

Tai Wesley: At least he is bringing a bit of ‘The Rock’ to his stoic stance.


Something like this (below) is what we are trying to avoid – shudders!:



Please contact Melbourne United if you wish to pursue a refund for those six valuable minutes of your time.


I am in no way linked to, or responsible for the above atrocity.


I was so beside myself with a mix of anticipation and dread that I sent a tweet out to Josh Childress hopeful he would allay my fears.


He certainly made a valiant attempt:


josh childress twitter



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