Manny Hendrix loves BIGV Basketball

Manny Hendrix loves BIGV Basketball

SOUTHERN Peninsula Sharks have re-signed high-flying import Manny Hendrix for next season’s BIGV Division 1 competition.


With one game left of the season Hendrix has averaged 28 points per game this year, won the slam dunk competition in the all-star game last month and created excitement around the Southern Peninsula basketball program.


“I like the way the Sharks are headed, I love how people have embraced me here and I just wanted the chance to stay in Australia and establish something in the community,” Hendrix said.


Manny Hendrix wins the 2012 Big V Big Bounce Dunk Contest 


The Salt Lake City raised guard is the son of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Manny Hendrix snr, who made headlines playing basketball in college but turning professional in another sport.

Hendrix Snr had a great high school and college basketball career in the states but was unable to transition to the NBA due to a lack of height (standing at 5’10”). Two years later, thanks to a Dallas Cowboys open training camp Hendrix Snr, he earned an NFL contract as a cornerback, one of American Football’s most demanding positions. and went on to play close to 100 games in six seasons.


Hendrix says his father played a huge role in developing him as a person.


“He supported me all the way, put the basketball in my hand, taught me to work out, watch film but he also stressed that education is just as important as sports,” he said.


Hendrix places strong value on education and has implemented a reading program across the schools in the local area and promoting literacy in the community.


“Basketball kids like to play it, but school is what you have for the rest of your life. Basketball stresses fundamentals but education is fundamental… I’m just putting the two together”.


But Hendrix found his way to Australia through a different family connection.


“My uncle Albert Springs played for Frankston in the 90’s with former Sharks coach Stephen Blackley, the Sharks made the call to my uncle to see if he knew anybody in America who could play in this league, next thing you know I’m on the plane to Australia”.


Hendrix has also created some on-line buzz by sharing his “Manny’s Aussie Adventures” videos with fans through YouTube during his stay here. Hendrix doesn’t take things too seriously sharing his “fish out of water” tales on the web.


“It’s been fun, I struggled with driving on the wrong side of the road and I thought there would be Kangaroo’s in grocery stores and every bodies backyards so I’ve learnt a lot”


The Southern Peninsula import Manny Hendrix will takes viewers into his experiences in Australia for

Manny Hendrix Aussie Adventures #2 



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