Marcus Thornton rumored to be on the way out of Sydney

Marcus Thornton rumored to be on the way out of Sydney

The axe that had been dangling above Marcus Thornton looks to be close to finally come down on his neck. International basketball reporter Daniel Pick announced via twitter that the Sydney Kings have parted ways with the twenty two year-old NBA Draftee.

David’s sources likely come from Boston’s end, as none of Marcus’ team mates were previously aware of the move.


Interestingly, David Picks latest Twitter followers are Sydney head coach Joe Connelly, and now-former team mate, Rhys Carter.



If Marcus Thornton was to be cut at this stage of the season it is certainly a surprise. The Finals are, at best, a distant, theoretical possibility for the Sydney Kings. So what can possibly be gained from more upheaval and uncertainty in the Sydney camp?


The Sydney Kings have been a revolving door for coaches and imports this year, with the departure of Damian Cotter in Lieu of Joe Connelly, and the brief additions of Al Harrington and Damion James, filling in for the oft-injured Josh Childress.


Unless there is a special clause in Marcus’ contract, at this stage of the season his salary would have to be paid in full. Do the Sydney Kings have more dollars than sense?


Despite glimmers of brilliance, Thornton was unable to make his mark on the Australian league. With the absence of Josh Childress and Steven Markovic, the Sydney Kings needed a veteran play maker to steady the ship. The burden was too much to ask of a first-year professional, fresh out of college and new to the international game.


Marcus Thornton is truly a victim of circumstances beyond his control.


It has been a rough trot for Thornton, who less than a month ago made headlines worldwide for the infamous ‘beer baptism’ scandal.

There has been no mention of this by Kings management nor any replacement import named.

Update: Marcus Thornton has been named to play in the Kings Vs Melbourne United game this Wednesday night, however rumors still circulate that his exit could be imminent shortly after. 


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