Matthew Dellavedova heading to Portland?

Matthew Dellavedova heading to Portland?

Despite heroic performances in the NBA finals, promotional appearances where he closed down shopping centres, a rumoured movie based on his life in the works and his chances of a “salary increase” after his new found celebrity being the topic of sports shows around the world, Matthew Dellavedova currently is not signed to an NBA team.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have confirmed they want to have “Delly” back on the floor for the Cavs, however performances on the NBA’s greatest stage often result in many a suitor and other NBA teams have been speaking to the Maryborough born Dellavedova and the Cavaliers clearly some competition hoping to land the scrappy young point guard.


Cavs Sports Talk reported on Friday the Portland Trail Blazers have shown interest and will shortly (or perhaps already have) offer him a “healthy” multi-year offer.

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Working against the Cav’s chances to resign Delly is that despite them being very open about wanting to have Dellavedova return for 2015/16 they are also facing an exploding payroll in 15-16 that could be between $100 million and $110 million.


Hitting that threshold could see the Cavaliers ending up with $75 million worth of luxury tax payments.


The Cavaliers offered Dellavedova’ s a qualifying offer to stay on July 1st worth a reported $US1.15 million ($A1.50 million), this however was just a formality and whether he decides to return to Cleveland or venture elsewhere it will surely be more than double that amount.


The reason the Cavaliers have not moved to resign Dellavedova so far maybe due to rumours he has been pricing himself out of what the Cavaliers can afford by asking for somewhere close to $5.4 million (US$4m) a season.


Under free agency rules, the Cavs have the right to match any offer from a rival team. However with Cleveland making what appears to be a pre-emptive move by signing veteran point guard Mo Williams they may have already pencilled in losing Dellavedova to a much richer deal.


The Cavs on Friday reportedly agreed a one-year deal with veteran James Jones but talks with free agents Dellavedova, JR Smith and Tristan Thompson continue.


Smith also finds himself in a similar situation as Dellavedova after he opted out of a Cavaliers deal for next season which would have paid him $6.4 million with the Cavaliers salary cap issues now it’s likely that if he decides to return for the Cavs he would have to take a pay cut to do so.

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