NBA off season: Which NBL team should I root for?

The 2017 NBA season is done and dusted. The Golden State Warriors won another title, and look like they will at the top in perpetuity.
So where does that leave you, a fan of one of the other twenty-nine NBA teams? Sure, you can join the Warriors’ bandwagon; they’re a more likeable version of the “Monstars”. If you ask nicely, I am sure somebody will let you on.
However, I get it. You want to keep half an eye on a competitive league. You want to follow a team that can make the playoffs. You want to follow a team who can provide a slight shed of sunlight into your basketball fandom. And most importantly, you only want to follow a team for twenty-eight regular season games.


You know, because following the Grizzlies to a .500 season is still important too. You’re only keeping half an eye on it after all.
So, somewhat disgruntled NBA fan, I introduce you to the Australian NBL. We are already well into the offseason. The time is right to jump on board.


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