NBA Play-Off Predictions Competition

NBA Play-Off Predictions Competition

Hey Aussie NBA Fans,

We’ve been doing this privately for the past few years but this year we thought we’d open it up to all our followers.

Simply right click on the link below and select where you want to download the excel document. Enter your predictions, save it and email it back to us at

NBA Playoff Predictions Bracket Entry Form

Fill out the excel entry form, save it and email it back to us at

We wanna know who you think will win each NBA Playoff match-up as well as each NBA end of season Award.

We’ll post it up here on AussieHoopla in order to prove which of our followers really know their NBA stuff. Hopefully we can work out a prize at the end for whoever gets the most right.

Scoring is as follows;

Winning Team = 1 point, Correct Number of Games Bonus = 2 points, Correct NBA Award Winner = 3 points


Current Standings 

nba playoff bracket 2012



If you can’t view these results simply click here – nba playoff bracket 2012



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