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This year the Aussie Hoopla team is running a season-long NBA prediction competition to find out which of the loyal hoops tragics who support Aussie Hoopla knows his NBA the most.


mitchell-ness-nba-gearWe’ve got some nice NBA merchandise, courtesy of Mitchell & Ness to give to the “hoops tragics” who finish at the top of the leaderboard here.



If that’s not enough for you, you’ll also be competing against a number of the AFL and NBL’s players who all have their own opinion on how this NBA season is set to go.


Will Golden State win it all?

Will Ben Simmons play any games?

Will LeBron win another MVP?


We want to know what you think will go down this NBA season!


Scoring Format

All correct answers receive 1 point.

Questions which include answering multiple players receive 1 point per correct answer. 


To enter, simply enter your name, email and your answers to the questions below to take part.

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NBA Opening Week

1. Who scores the most points opening night?

2. Who has the best PER on opening night?

3. Who wins the first player of the week?

4. Which Aussie has the most points in his 1st game of the season?


By the end of 2016

5. Which Aussie is averaging the most points on Dec. 31st?

6. Who is leading the league in scoring on Dec. 31st?

7. Which Aussie has started the most games by Dec. 31st?

8. Which team has the worst record on Dec. 31st?


All-Star Weekend

9. Who will win the All-Star Game MVP?

10. Who will lead the East in All-Star Voting?

11. Who will lead the West in All-Star Voting?

12. Will Thon Maker make the Rookie Vs Sophomores game?


End of year statistical leaders

13. Which Aussie has the highest PER in 2017?

14. Who will lead the league in scoring?

15. Who will lead the league in PER?

16. Will the Golden State Warriors win 73 games or more?


Regular Season Team Success

17. An Eastern team who didn't make the playoffs that will in 2017?

18. An Western team who didn't make the playoffs that will in 2017?

19. Which team with an Aussie records the most wins this season?

20. Which team finishes with the worst record?


Who takes home the Trophies?

21. Which 5 players make the NBA 1st team?

22. Who will be the Rookie of the Year?

23. Who will be Coach of the Year?

24. Who will be the League MVP?

25. Who will be NBA Champion?