Finding the NBL’s best point guard

Finding the NBL’s best point guard

It is arguably the most crucial position in basketball. Having a star point guard may not necessarily make your team a title contender. However, having a bad one means you don’t have a chance. But who is the best point guard so far this season?

Looking through some advanced statistics, we can find out a lot about the impact of specific point guards in the league, looking through a range of statistics we can see who the efficient scorers are, and who the best playmakers are.

Surprisingly, Perth’s Damian Martin is considered a shooting guard, as per RealGM. However, he is responsible for a lot of the ball-handling duties for the Wildcats. In fact, his Pure Point Rating is the highest in the league.  Martin is a surprising omission. However, defining basketballers by position is usually a near-impossible task, so RealGM can get a pass on that.

Author: Vince Massara (14 Posts)

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