NBL Fantasy Scout: Rounds 8 to 11 planning session

NBL Fantasy Scout: Rounds 8 to 11 planning session

With the international break over, it is time for the NBL to take centre stage again. In this short article we will attempt to give you a frame work for the short term schedule.


Teams with multiple double rounds for rounds 8 to 11



Additional to the above table. After the single game round in round 11 Brisbane and Cairns return to double round weeks.



Teams built around Cairns and Brisbane players will have the advantage in the short term but balance is still vital. From round 13 the schedule favour will shift. Below are a few questions to hopefully assist considering some of the moves you could make to build a side that will score well over the next 4 rounds.



Will Humphries continue to build his form or will Tyler take off? Does it matter?


Over the next 4 rounds, if Sydney gets it right, they could help build some huge scores in fantasy. However the schedule after this next 4 games is not great for Sydney. If it doesn’t come together this week, then they may be of little use to you going forward. If their in your side you have already gambled on this question but if not now is not the best time to even consider this question. Sydney have shown little consistency and there are other options in Pledger, Jervis and Egwu who can as valuable.




Will Buford maintain his form?


He has been consistent and is a lock for captain maybe all the way to round 13. You almost cannot afford to risk this one. He scored to double-doubles last round.




Will McCarron and Gliddon continue to shine with Carrera’s absence?


No reason they can’t and those who kept the Cairns players ready for this period are in a very strong position. Swapping them in at some point in the next 4 rounds could be a good move as from round 12 they have 3 double rounds. The only hiccup could be when Carrera returns and starts taking some of the work back off them. For now though the last few rounds have been game changers in fantasy and they have both been at the centre of it.




Will Jerome Randle keep his value through the next 4 rounds?


It is hard to deny he is going to score big, but how big remains a question. If he averages more like the other PGs in the league after the big first game his value could drop significantly. He will likely add to your score and if he maintains his value the next 4 rounds are the best time to have him in the side.




Is it time for Shannon Shorter and Mitch Creek to return to the starting line ups?


They both dominated the early season and now could be when they return to starting line ups. Over the next 4 rounds as you can see there are a few doubles which will help them both. They can add value through this period and then from round 13 Adelaide have a run of doubles. With a little forward thinking one of these guys could sit on the bench at a minimum until then and then be a core to rebuild the team around.




That’s all for this week. Fantasy teams are always variable and don’t lose faith. A good week and can turn into a terrible week, as Melbourne United can tell you. Plan ahead and start thinking how you can stack your team to make a come back.




Good luck with Round 8!

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