NBL Lego – the movement you knew nothing about

NBL Lego – the movement you knew nothing about

NBL lego


Everyone loves Lego.


Some people love the NBL.


Bring the two together, and you get NBL Lego – the movement you knew nothing about.


Some unknown superhero has been bringing your favourite NBL players to Lego-life by teeing up some replica sticker uniforms for each figurine.


The results have made a few players pretty chuffed:

Jules Lego

Josh Childress chooses to present a more sane looking expression than Khazzouh with his Lego doppelgänger.


Sydney players aren’t the only ones in on the fun…



The shadowy, unknown maker of these Lego look-a-likes is evidently a die hard fan, whose efforts should be encouraged and applauded.


The photos seem to imply that he is a Sydney local. An unmasked right-maker who is pushing against the city’s oppressive villains who stroke their beads, puff their chests, and ask “what’s to be done with the NBL Lego man?”


They’ve studied blueprints to predict his moves.


They know he will only make more and more Lego.


But when will he strike? What is the motive?


And what is the purpose of those massive cups the 36ers are holding?


They wouldn’t be championship trophies – that’s for sure!


To check out more NBL Lego head to https://www.facebook.com/NBLlego/

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