The NBL has a lot of partners, Europcar its latest bedfellow.

The NBL has a lot of partners, Europcar its latest bedfellow.

The NBL has made a lot of partners this off-season


And today announced Europcar, another internationally renown brand, as its latest partner.


And the partnership has been named something obscure, like “car rental partner”. I am not sure how often car rental will be a factor for the NBL.

Also, only days ago, we had the announcement of Telstra as the official “technology and data” partner.



But most importantly, everyone, we had Champion come in as “official sock partner” (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.)



Yes, those were formerly socks, and if not for Champion, they would still be in the NBL’s laundry rotation.

I think the point I am fumbling my way to, is that the NBL now has a lot of partners.


But not a whole lot of sponsors.

The purpose of these partnerships seem vague, and in the case of Champion, kind of odd (Why only socks?). but they do mean something.

They mean that there are companies who believe there may be something to gain from the league.

That being said, not many are GIVING to the league.

I don’t actually remember a sponsor coming in simply to sponsor during the off season.

So how deep are your pockets, Larry? You’re funding this (basically) on your own!


That isn’t to say that the sponsors aren’t allaying some of the costs.

We can assume the partnerships will cut costs for the NBL considerably.

If Jesse Wagstaff cops a deserving Childress super-elbow, Shock Doctor have already sorted the mouth-guard.

If Charles Jackson can’t last more than half a season, Virgin airlines have the planes sorted.


But then again, they could have just jumped on a Jordair Jett?


With all this said, money saved is as good as money earned. The league has gained attention since Kestelman came in, and the partnerships – no matter how tenuous – are adding to the leagues credibility.

Speaking of adding credibility, how’s Josh Childress and Hakim Warrick for you?


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