The NBL partner with Funny Pharm – Chemist Warehouse

The NBL partner with Funny Pharm – Chemist Warehouse

The NBL and Chemist Warehouse have announced a partnership today which is sure to make protein fanatic and Adelaide 36er, Lucas Walker, very happy.

Chemist Warehouse are Australia’s leading…. well…. Chemist Warehouse, and they sell all of the things you could imagine being at such a pharmacy.

They fill prescriptions for Josh Childress’ errand elbow, stock protein – because Mitch Creek likes to methodically raise things and then slowly lower them; sell beauty treatments for Stephen Weigh’s next intense mirror session. And they sell confectionery for, Hmm, maybe we should all pitch in to hide this place from Nathan Jawai?

What this partnership actually means for the league is hard to discern. Could players appear in store to promote themselves and the latest line of Musashi Protein? Could NBL courts be vandalised with big, ugly and visually loud Chemist Warehouse logos?

What can be gathered from the NBL press release is the following equation:

Athletes are healthy + Chemist Warehouse sell health products = Match made in heaven.


Perhaps it really is that simple?

Jeremy Loeliger, General Manager of the NBL, had this to add:

“We are committed to repositioning the NBL as the number-one summer entertainment sport in this country and working with partners who support that vision. Chemist Warehouse have dominated their own market in recent years with an aggressive growth strategy, and understand our vision to do the same.”

Dominated their market, eh?

These guys must really know how to fill a prescription!

'Don't touch the fishing rod.'

‘Don’t touch the fishing rod.’



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