NBL players who have played in the NBA

NBL players who have played in the NBA

A player who enters the NBL with NBA experience is always exciting news. Fans will get excited when their team signs an NBA Free Agent, the NBL commentators will be sure to mention it during every telecast game and any newspaper article will be sure to reference it while speaking about said players NBL performance that week also.


Sometimes we’ll see a big time college player use the NBL as a springboard to the NBA and we never see them again.


Other times we see NBA stars whose talent maybe starting to fade find fresh oppourtunites in Australia.


And of course there are times we see our own local talent develop in the NBL before making it to “The League” and then often returning to the NBL to finish their careers.


In any instance it’s always exciting to see how an NBA quality player performs in our league in comparison to the best basketball league in the world.


The list below has all of the players who had played in both the NBA and NBL.


It includes players like Awvee Storey, Chris Munk and Martin Muursepp who come with impressive credentials but fail to deliver much to an NBL team.


As well as players like Stephen Jackson, Doug Overton, Rick Brunson who come to our shores as young, naive ballers and after a year or two of brilliance they leave the tiny dot which is the NBL for the bright lights of an NBA career.


The list is sortable so if you want to see which player played the most NBA games or averaged the most points you can find that out.


Alternatively click here to see our feature article on which NBL players had the greatest careers in the NBA.

Stephen Jackson85867631.941%33%80%
Ollie Johnson690021.150%15%83%
Luc Longley 56736221.246%0%76%
Doug Overton4996214.641%32%82%
Curtis Perry 48028.546%70%
Rick Brunson3375113.538%36%69%
Patty Mills280714.544%39%84%
Todd Lichti 2375117.946%24%79%
Todd Fuller2252311.142%0%67%
Acie Earl 1931813.040%0%67%
Eddie Gill 187910.936%32%85%
Jonny Flynn1639022.940%34%81%
Chris Anstey1552313.941%14%76%
Kenny Payne 144138.141%29%86%
Derrick Alston 1394219.149%14%49%
Orien Greene 131711.939%21%64%
Adrian Branch130711.046%23%74%
Kevin Brooks 12628.240%20%86%
David Andersen103012.30.440.3470.6740.
Martin Muursepp 83711.543%32%69%
Joe Ingles793221.242%36%75%
Marlon Redmond 7713.742%0%66%
Andre Brown7518.052%0%50%
Reggie Smith 6695.839%0%40%
James Ennis62317.041%33%84%
Donta Smith6109.242%31%65%
Awvee Storey 6016.841%25%51%
Drew Barry60010.042%38%77%
Juaquin Hawkins 581011.839%42%50%
Ron Cavenall 58211.534%0%55%
Ray Owes57110.442%20%57%
Randolph Childress 5107.933%27%80%
Jo Jo English50011.542%34%56%
Fred Cofield 5019.940%19%60%
Shane Heal 4906.327%29%70%
Dane Suttle 46110.751%0%86%
Nathan Jawai4529.644%0%68%
Sean Lampley 45012.246%0%69%
Dwayne McLaine45410.238%11%51%
Greg Stokes42139.145%0%70%
Darnell Mee 4007.331%22%44%
Rodney Monroe3808.237%22%83%
Everette Stephens3805.733%20%79%
Mark Bradtke 3607.043%0%69%
Charles Thomas 3604.335%12%67%
Mike Morrison 3614.334%29%80%
Gerald Brown 3307.237%30%79%
Todd Mundt 3304.639%0%63%
Lanard Copeland3304.842%14%81%
Owen Wells 336.542%68%
Luke Schenscher3108.647%0%45%
Winston Crite3108.548%0%76%
Donald Whiteside 3019.233%32%65%
Andrew Gaze2604.938%38%100%
Dedric Willoughby 25120.334%30%77%
Wayne Kreklow 254.023%25%70%
Julius Hodge2314.244%0%50%
Evers Burns 2306.240%0%52%
James Cotton1904.836%0%78%
Ira Bowman 1704.064%0%50%
Nate Driggers 1508.830%0%71%
Will Blalock14011.930%20%100%
Cedric Jackson1206.330%17%58%
Clint McDaniel 1205.935%33%75%
Darryl Johnson1102.542%0%100%
Chris Munk1102.643%0%58%
Wayne Englestad 1104.538%0%60%
Ruben Nembhard 10011.343%0%80%
Adonis Jordan 1009.730%25%50%
Andre Moore1005.033%0%75%
Terry Dozier9010.233%0%50%
Kirk Penney 605.022%25%0%
Chris Jent6014.747%43%50%
Wayne Turner 3013.717%0%33%
Korleone Young 305.050%25%100%
Ricky Grace302.767%0%0%
Trey Gilder 202.5100%0%0%
Jerome Beasley 202.533%0%0%
Robert Rose201.50%0%0%
Mike Champion 202.00%0%0%
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