NBL soon to announce “household names” as sponsors

NBL soon to announce “household names” as sponsors

Larry Kestelman has mentioned the NBL will be announcing some “household names” as sponsors during an interview with Peter Switzer of Switzer Daily on Monday.


After throwing a couple of curve balls at confused fans with American renown – yet Australian unknowns McDavid and Shock Doctor, Kestelman said the next announcements will be “a lot of very, very common names you will have heard at the dinner table.”


Australian basketball die-hards will wait with bated breath – racking their minds at this almost cryptic clue.


Could it be a company of cutlery? A seller of sauces? A doer of doilies? A proprietor of plates?


Could it be the neighbours? We definitely spend a lot of time talking about the neighbours. Maybe they have come into money?



Click here to see video of Larry Kestleman discussing NBL sponsorship details on Sky News


Speculations aside, the NBL has built up some great momentum since the Kestleman takeover. The league has just signed the “greatest TV deal in the leagues history” – which is accurate depending on who you talk to – and according to an article in the Financial Review, sponsors have been “calling the NBL to get on board.”


You read that right: Calling the NBL – not the other way around.


It is a very exciting time for basketball in Australia.


Kestelman said the announcements will be made within the next “two or three weeks.”


Watch this space!


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