What Australians can Learn from the Greatest Living Sports Bettor

What Australians can Learn from the Greatest Living Sports Bettor

Australia is no stranger to American sports, though they obviously don’t earn the acclaim there that they meet in some other parts of the world, but the biggest thing they should be taking about is not so much the sports themselves, but instead, the people picking the sports.


Every country has their sports bettors, handicappers, sportsbooks, and people who profit regularly off of the outcome of sports, but nobody in the world is currently doing it better than one American handicapper and sports bettor, Jon Price. Mr. Price has been featured in practically every major publication across the Western world from Forbes Magazine to the Washington Post, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, and many more. He founded a sports handicapping firm over a decade ago that has grown to be the most successful firm of its kind on Earth.


Jon Price’s documented winning percentage of just below 67% makes him the World’s greatest living sports bettor as well as the most profitable who sells his picks to the public but at a substantial cost. Considering that most of his fame and success has come in American sports, and particularly basketball, he’s also no stranger to international success either, but Australians are generally not aware of the current king of sports betting, and what they could learn from him to help their own finances.


Basketball is easily the best American sport to wager on in terms of being able to tilt the odds in the bettor’s favor. It’s also a sport that offers so many games every single day that it’s always easy to pick out at least one or two very solid lines to get you some easy winners to profit on.


Jon’s company, Sports Information Traders, picks winning sports picks against the spread at a rate that no one has seen in the last 30 years, not just in basketball, but in all American sports. Their website provides accurate and reliable news content and betting advice. Not only has Mr. Price made his clients millions of dollars over the last decade, but he’s also made himself millions upon millions from his own sports bets alone. Jon has placed a number of multi-million dollar wages on big stage events over recent years, including the Super Bowl every year, and one of his most impressive bets ever when he picked the Kansas City Royals to win Major League Baseball’s World Series back before the season even began. It’s wagers like that that have gained Jon Price international fame and helped earn him a spot on nationally syndicated radio programs like ESPN Radio.


Not all Australians are fans of American sports, and especially wagering on sports that they’re unsure of or confused by, but it’s not about the shape of the ball it’s about the money going in your pocket at the end of the game that makes Jon Price worth every penny.  Too many Australians tend to limit their bets to just European football or Cricket, Rugby, etc… That may work if you’re just looking to entertain yourself and have some fun, but this is about making money and doing it more efficiently that you could anywhere else. Do yourself a favor, Google Jon Price and read about the man, the myth, and the legend sports bettor and handicapper and how he can help you turn your small bankroll into an extra, steady source of income this basketball season.

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