Where in the world is Andrew Bogut going to end up?

Where in the world is Andrew Bogut going to end up?

In 2005 the Milwaukee Bucks drafted Andrew Bogut and ever since that moment he has been the team’s franchise player and viewed around the league as a sound, gritty player full of potential who could transform the franchise from mediocrity to contenders.

In just his second season Bogut helped Milwaukee return to the NBA playoffs and If he hadn’t of had “THE INJURY”

in 2010 the Bucks would have gone deep into the playoffs and perhaps solidified themselves as an Eastern Conference power. Instead the Bucks took on a talented Atlanta Hawks team without Bogut and even though they valiantly pushed the Hawks to a Game 7 a quick exit was always on the cards with their superstar on an operating table. Now after suffering another “freak injury”

in what seems a cruel twist of fate Milwaukee Front Office, media and some fans have begun talking referring to Bogut as “injury prone” and unable to develop into a “great NBA player”.

It’s hard for us Aussie’s to think bad of Andrew, here at Aussie Hoopla we think he is one of only 3-4 NBA centers who can “walk and chew gum” as @JalenRose likes to say. Even if some people don’t remember Bogut making the All-NBA third team in 2010 whilst playing nowhere close to 100% we do and pre-season we believed this would be the year Bogut became an NBA All-Star.

Even if we don’t agree with the hype about Bogut here we thought we’d take a look at some of the rumoured trades involving Australia’s greatest basketball player.


Where Bogut is most likely heading…



The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut, SG/SF Stephen Jackson and a future first-round pick to Golden State for SG Monta Ellis, C Andris Biedrins and SF Dorell Wright

The Scenario: The Warriors have longed for a center so much they offered David Lee $80 million dollars because he was willing to line-up in that position. They tried to sign DeAndre Jordan earlier in the season, but came up short and recently they’ve been the most vocal on trying to trade for Dwight Howard. Now it is being speculated that the Warriors are going to go hard after Bogut. Any trade that involves Bogut this year will involve Stephen Jackson, a former Sydney King who has been bickering and fighting with head coach Scott Skiles this season. The Bucks have made it clear they don’t want Jackson there for months and no team will be able to trade for Bogut without getting Jackson as a bonus.

Ellis has long been on the trading block but is an explosive scorer who could fill the gap where Stephen Jackson was supposed to. A Brandon Jennings-Ellis backcourt would immediately become one of the best, young duos in the entire league. Plus they get a reliable center in Andris Biedrins who the Warriors don’t like to play anyways as well as Dorell Wright who is capable of big numbers to clear up some more cap space.


Trades with a good chance of happening…


The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut and SF Carlos Delfino to New Orleans for C Chris Kaman and a future first-round selection

The Scenario: Since Chris Kaman arrived in NOLA he has been on the trading block. This is unusual as Kaman has posted nine double-doubles and has scored in double-digits more often than not. Arguably he’s been the Hornets’ best player over the past month. New Orleans would also acquire Carlos Delfino in a Milwaukee deal. Delfino is set to make $3.5 million this season but his contract expires at the end of the season making him attractive while also being a quality player.



The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut and SG/SF Stephen Jackson to Detroit for SG Ben Gordon, PF/C Jason Maxiell, SF Austin Daye and a future second-round pick

The Scenario: This trade is not the most likely to happen but Detroit failed to make any moves in the off-season and have been criticized for it. This along with the fact Ben Gordon seems to have lost patience with the franchise’s ability to rebuild could see the Pistons make a move simply to show their supporters they are working on something… or anything at least. It’s a good return for the Bucks who get the hard working Maxiell and former first round pick Austin Daye who may develop nicely in new surroundings. The Pistons frontline would be very impressive with Bogut and future star Greg Monroe in a Gasol/Bynum type of lineup.

A snag that could affect this trade is whether Pistons management would want a player responsible for the “Malice in the Palace” playing in front of the same fans he brawled with only 8 years ago. Jackson’s contract could get bought out or he could get traded elsewhere.


The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Houston for C Samuel Dalembert, SG Courtney Lee and a future first-round selection


Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Houston and SG/SF Stephen Jackson to Sacramento; Sacramento trades PF J.J. Hickson to Milwaukee and SF Donte Greene to Houston; Houston trades C Samuel Dalembert, SG Courtney Lee and a future second-round pick to Milwaukee

The Scenario: The Rockets are young, talented and making a little noise this season, but playoff basketball is all about experience and no one bar Luis Scola has any experience on this team, and most of his experience is in international basketball. There is a huge gap at the center position in Houston and while Bogut is a defensive force Scola has been a defensive liability for much of his career. The Rockets yearn for a legitimate center which they are missing for the first time since 1984. The Bucks meanwhile acquire Dalembert to fill Boguts void and the talented but disgruntled Courtney Lee. Lee is a quality defender which Scott Skiles loves and in new surroundings could develop into a leader of sorts having had some NBA finals experience earlier in his career.


Other Potential but not so likely trades…


The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Oklahoma City for C Kendrick Perkins and SG Daequan Cook

The Scenario: I doubt Oklahoma City would want to disrupt their team too much right now with it all coming together so well but Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Serge Ibaka and then all of a sudden, Andrew Bogut is one hell of a roster.


The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Sacramento for PF J.J. Hickson, C Jason Thompson and a future second-round selection

The Scenario: Milwaukee gets nothing immediately out of this but the Bucks could use JJ Hickson and Jason Thompson’s expiring contracts as well as an extra draft pick to blow everything up and start rebuilding.


The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut, SG Stephen Jackson, PF Ersan Ilyasova, PF/C Larry Sanders and a future first-round selection to Orlando for C Dwight Howard and SF Quentin Richardson

The Scenario: Milwaukee wishes, but while this is highly unlikely the contracts fit and at Aussie Hoopla we think Bogut is the 2nd best centre in the NBA so if your Orlando and you have to trade the best centre in the NBA why not do it to get the 2nd best centre back in return.

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