Why Kevin Durant should be Most Valuable Player of 2016-17 NBA Season?

Why Kevin Durant should be Most Valuable Player of 2016-17 NBA Season?

It is the time to make predictions for the most valuable player forecasts of the 2016-17 NBA season. According to sports analysts, the players who may win the award at the end of the NBA season include Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry both of Warriors, Russell Westbrook of Thunder, LeBron James of Cavaliers, Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio Spurs, and James Harden of Rockets. The Most Valuable Player award guesses are crossing among these front runners, and Kevin Durant’s presence give him a straight to the trophy?

Kevin Durant is most likely to replace the incumbent Stephen Curry who has previously won the award twice. Having joined the Golden State Warriors and based on his past performances, it is safe to assume that Kevin Durant will post an impressive statistics. Given that most of the front runners for the most valuable player reside in the Western Conference, it is simple to say that the Golden State Warriors are the favorite winners. According to the history of the Most Valuable Player in the NBA, the candidate to take the trophy home always comes from the top-seeded team. For this reason, there could be some added value for LeBron James since Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will have to split votes.

Kevin Durant’s performance is continually rising and hopefully will stay healthy in the next season, and will most likely win the trophy due to the immense potential he has shown in the past seasons. With the current NBA season tilting off officially on Tuesday and looking back at the busy offseason landscape of the league it is expected to have a potential shift from the previous season. The Golden Great could be the new nickname for the Golden Warriors this season, and the Bay Area is readying itself to witness the new iteration of the super team. You can look for discount golden state tickets and enjoy the moments when both great players are in live action.

The Golden Warriors have received favorable attention all summer for both bad and good reasons. Furthermore, Kevin Durant has surprised every NBA fan who has directed their attention towards him. Kevin Durant and the Golden Warriors are the stories of this season apart from being the defending champions who ultimately put down the Drought dragon in Cleveland. No matter what, the Golden Warriors continue to be prohibitive favorites to be winners all over again basing on their offensive potential.

Most people are currently making wild guesses and ridiculous predictions that are certainly wrong. The odds are most likely to be loaded up against Stephen Curry as much as the Golden Warriors are the title favorites. It does not necessarily imply that his teammate Kevin Durant will come out of this season without a distinction. It is important to remember that both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have contributed to winning the last three consecutive most valuable player awards. The truth to be told is that they are likely to hurt one another’s cause.

Russell Westbrook, from The Oklahoma City Thunder, is most unlikely to win the most valuable player of the year because typically the award has traditionally gone to someone belonging to the most successful team. Therefore, many voters would still consider Kevin Durant against Stephen Curry.

It is likely impossible for the Golden Warriors to exceed expectations this coming season without Kevin Durant. However, this does not imply that Stephen Curry to score what many NBA fans would consider an upset by winning the award three consecutive years. The small forward of the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant without question is a trans-generational talent whose efficiency will skyrocket. A good number of voters will pick him for the award, especially if he avoids the kind of bias LeBron James received in his first season with the Miami Heat when he got penalized.

The smooth transition into the season of Kevin Durant in combination with the Golden State Warriors structure, as well as the overall quality of coaching and talent, Kevin Durant is expected to establish himself as the best all round players, although splitting votes with Stephen Curry is a concern. Kevin Durant is firmly in his prime, and all indications are positive as he sounds comfortable than ever before. He has all it takes to produce the league’s best statistical profile, and he is a good shot at being the leading scorer with the most efficient offense. Hence, he has to be the most valuable player since statistically, he has won several games.

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