How AIS basketball players are among world’s elite

How AIS basketball players are among world’s elite

Now known as the Basketball Australia National Centre of Excellence (CoE), the Australian Institute of Sport basketball program has been the pinnacle of basketball development in Australia.


Aimed at identifying the best talented junior players in the country to develop into players for its national team’s players, the program has been a huge part of Australia’s international success at the Olympics and FIBA world championships.


The AIS offer only 12 scholarships each year which make reaching the AIS something which only a few achieve. Players generally reach the program after first achieving success in their respective state squads.

ais pathway

The program was founded by Adrian Hurley in 1981 and has since become one of the most successful basketball development programs in the world.


Consider the fact that since 2002 the AIS has seen 8 players drafted into the NBA, this is more than the majority of NCAA basketball programs.


AIS Players drafted to the NBA since 2002


  1. David Andersen (2002)
  2. Andrew Bogut (2005)
  3. Brad Newley (2007)
  4. Nathan Jawai (2008)
  5. Patty Mills (2009)
  6. Dante Exum (2014)
  7. Cameron Bairstow (2014)
  8. Ben Simmons (2016)


The AIS basketball program has seen more of its players drafted into the NBA in the past 14 years than what storied college basketball programs like Wake Forest, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Utah, Butler, Clemson, New Mexico and many others have been able to deliver in the same time frame.


Over the past 14 years, many of Australian talent such Matthew Dellavedova, Aron Baynes, Joe Ingles and Luke Schenscher who have not been drafted but have signed with NBA teams also spent time at the Australian Institute Of Sport.


Recently the program has seen significant changes as a new hybrid scholarship structure was unveiled following the announcement that Basketball Australia would assume the responsibility of the AIS basketball program.



The women’s program has seen the most change with scholarships now being awarded to junior age athletes, WNBL players and Jayco Australian Opals, giving the team a strong mix of leadership and exciting young talent.


The program thus far has been a factory for producing the best female basketball talent in Australia. Lauren Jackson, Penny Taylor, Erin Phillips and Belinda Snell are all players who have won World Championship gold and Olympic Silver with the Australian Opals basketball team (and had dominant WNBA careers) after honing their skills at the AIS in Canberra. The changes to the women’s program seem only likely to increase its rate of success.


In the past three years, Australia has recently seen an AIS graduate be a part of every NBA championship team.

2015 – Patrick Mills/Aron Baynes (San Antonio Spurs)

2016 – Andrew Bogut (Golden State Warriors)

2017 – Matthew Dellavedova (Cleveland Cavaliers)


The Australian Government contributes more than $5.7 million in annual funding to support the development of basketball at both the elite and grassroots level. This includes $5 million per year in high-performance support


Past players from the Australian Institute of Sport / Basketball Australia National Centre of Excellence (CoE) basketball program.


2017Mate Colina, Tom Fullarton, Angus Glover, Kyle Zunic, Owen Hulland, Callum Dalton, Sam Froling, Lat Mayen, Will Magnay, Alexander Mudronja, Matthew Johns, Nicholas Stoddart, Callum BeardJasmine Simmons, Ezi Magbegor, Kiera Rowe, Jazmin Shelley, Rebecca Pizzey, Maddison Rocci, Abby Cubillo, Samantha Simons, Zitina Aokuso,Isabelle Bourne, Emma Clarke, Taylor Mole
2016Mate Colina, Angus Glover, Kyle Zunic
Matt Kenyon, Tom Fullarton, Callum Dalton, Jack White, Lat Mayen, Will Magnay, Sam Froling, Andrew Ferguson
Jazmin Shelley, Jasmine Simmons, Abby Cubillo, Chantel Horvat, Maddison Rocci, Samantha Simons, Kiera Rowe, Ezi Magbegor, Lucy Cochrane, Lara McSpadden, Rebecca Pizzey
2015George Blagojevic, Tom Fullarton, Harry Froling, Deng Gak, Jayden Hodgson, Jordan Hunter, Tanner Krebs, Will Magnay, Jack McVeigh, Jock Perry, Dejan Vasiljevic, Jack White, Tom WilsonKatie Ebzery, Chantel Horvat, Ezi Magbegor, Anneli Maley, Elyse Penaluna, Mikayla Pirini, Lauren Scherf, Alex Sharp, Jasmine Simmons, Demi Skinner, Alanna Smith, Elizabeth Tonks
2014Abiola Akintola, George Blagojevic, Harry Froling, Isaac Humphries, Tanner Krebs, Gerard Martin, Jack McVeigh, Jock Perry, Dejan Vasiljevic, Tom WilsonNatalie Burton, Stephanie Collins, Alicia Froling, Keely Froling, Chantel-Anais Horvat, Tessa Lavey, Anneli Maley, Carley Mijovic, Alexandra Sharp, Stephanie Talbot, Kristy Wallace
2013Abiola Akintola, Madol Chol, Mirko Djeric, Adrija Dumovic Nicholas Duncan, Dante Exum, Felix von Hofe, Jack McVeigh, Gerard Martin, Emmett Naar, Jock Perry, Dane PineauLouise Brown, Stephanie Collins, Alicia Froling, Keely Froling, Darcee Garbin, Tiana Mangakahia, Maddison Penn, Stephanie Talbot, Carly Turner, Abigail Wehrung, Alex Wilson
2012Lual Acquil, Matthew Andronicos, Madol Chol, Joshua Derksen, Mirko Djeric, Andrija Dumovic, Dante Exum, Darcy Harding, Owen Odigie, Ben Richmond, Benjamin Simmons, Jaecob Snow, Cade TowersRebecca Allen, Stephanie Bairstow, Sara Blicavs, Louise Brown, Alexandra Bunton, Rebecca Cole, Mikhaela Donnelly, Darcee Garbin, Madeleine Garrick, Tessa Lavey, Tiana Mangakahia, Carley Mijovic, Casey Samuels, Stephanie Talbot, Olivia Thompson, Carly Turner, Abigail Wehrung, Alex Wilson
2011Jackson Aldridge, Matthew Andronicos, Joshua Derksen, Mirko Djeric, Anthony Drmic, Dante Exum, Hugh Greenwood, Igor Hadziomerovic, Darcy Harding, Riccardo Howard, Jackson Hussey, Mitchell Norton, Owen Odigie, Ben Richmond, Jaecob Snow, Lewis Thomas, Cade Towers, Lachlan Winter, Corban WroeRebecca Allen, Stephanie Bairstow, Sara Blicavs, Alexandra Bunton, Rebecca Cole, Mikhaela Donnelly, Darcee Garbin, Madeleine Garrick, Tessa Lavey, Tiana Mangakahia, Carley Mijovic, Tenaya Phillips, Tayla Roberts, Casey Samuels, Olivia Thompson
2010Jackson Aldridge, Cameron Bairstow, Jason Cadee, Mitchell Creek, Anthony Drmic, John Fenton, Hugh Greenwood, Igor Hadziomerovic, Jackson Hussey, Mitchell McCarron, Owen Odigie, Lewis Thomas, Corban WroeSara Blicavs, Alex Bunton, Rebecca Cole, Mikhaela Donnelly, Madeleine Garrick,Tessa Lavey, Carley Mijovic, Georgie Minear, Nadeen Payne, Tayla Roberts, Nicole Seekamp, Alex Sheedy, Olivia Thompson, Gretel Tippett
2009Cameron Bairstow, Ryan Broekhoff, Jason Cadee, Daniel Carlin, Mitchell Creek, Matthew Dellavedova, Anthony Drmic, Cody Ellis, John Fenton, Hugh Greenwood, Shane Harris-Tunks, Jeromie Hill, Matthew Hodgson,Jackson Hussey,Brock Motum, Igor Nujic, Jorden Page, Christian Salecich, Lachlan Winter,Corban Wroe, Mitchell YoungElizabeth Cambage,Stephanie Cumming, Bree Farley, Kate Gaze, Kerryn Harrington, Jillian Haughton, Kelsey Ireland, Rachel Jarry, Michelle Joy, Ashleigh Karaitiana, Alice Kunek, Tess Madgen, Cassandra Mangos, Rosie Moult, Kate Oliver, Nadeen Payne, Hannah Richards,Tayla Roberts, Nicole Seekamp
2008Todd Blanchfield, Ryan Broekhoff, Matthew Dellavedova, Cody Ellis,  Hugh Greenwood, Shane Harris-Tunks, Claybrin McMath, Brock Motum, James Orr, Jorden Page, Dwayne Radcliffe, Christian Salecich, Clinton Steindl, Jordan Vandenberg, Mitchell YoungElizabeth Cambage,Stephanie Cumming, Bree Farley, Kate Gaze, Kerryn Harrington, Kelsey Ireland, Rachel Jarry, Michelle Joy, Alice Kunek, Tess Madgen, Rosie Moult, Kate Oliver, Caitlin Rowe
2007Kyle Armour, Zachary Carter, Nathan Crombie, Matthew Dellavedova, Tyson Demos, Benjamin Dowdell, Cameron Gliddon, Shane Harris-Tunks, Daniel Johnson, Benjamin Louis, Patrick  Mills, Andrew Ogilvy, Jorden Page, Dwayne Radcliffe, Christian Salecich, Shannon Seebohm, Benjamin Smith, Clinton Steindl, Mitchell YoungStephanie Cumming, Katie Rae Ebzery, Cayla Francis, Kate Gaze, Nicole Hunt, Ellyce Ironmonger, Jaimee Kennedy, Emma Langford, Molly Lewis, Sarah McAppion, Elouise Manou, Nikita-Lee Martin, Mia Newley, Caitlin Rowe, Rebecca Schatz, Marianna Tolo
2006Ross Allsop, Tyson Demos, Benjamin Dowdell, Joseph Ingles, Daniel Jackson, Nathan Jawai, Daniel Johnson, Jadranko Jusufagic,  Benjamin Louis, Patrick Mills, Andrew Ogilvy, Shannon Seebohm, Benjamin Smith, Stephen WeighAbby Bishop, Renae Camino, Katie Rae Ebzery, Cayla Francis, Ellyce Ironmonger, Jaimee Kennedy, Emma Langford, Molly Lewis, Elouise Manou, Nikita-Lee Martin, Mia Newley, Rebecca Schatz, Marianna Tolo, Louella Tomlinson
2005Benjamin Allen, Aron Baynes, Jeffery Dowdell, Marko Deric, Adam Gibson, Brad Hill, Nathan Jawai, Joseph Ingles, Ryan Kersten, Andrew Ogilvy, Patrick Mills, Stephen WeighAbby Bishop, Renae Camino, Mikaela Dombkins, Katie Rae Ebzery, Christina Fox, Rachel Herrick, Molly Lewis, Elouise Manou, Hayley Munro, Lisa Scaglia, Rebecca Schatz, Alyce Shearing, Melissa Smith, Louella Tomlinson
2004Ben Allen, Jeffrey Dowdell, Thomas Garlepp, Adam Gibson, Sam Harris, Brad Hill, Carlin Hughes, Alex Opacic, Ryan Kersten, Brad Newley, Lucas Walker, Josh WoodRenae Camino, Caitlin Cunningham, Mikaela Dombkins, Rebecca Duke, Christina Fox, Kate Gurnery, Rachel Herrick, Gemme Koehler, Kathleen Macleod, Leah Mencel, Jenna O'Hea, Elyse Penaluna, Melissa Smith
2003Aaron Bruce, Andrew Bogut, Sam Harris, Bronson Kies, Matthew Knight, Anthony Labka, Aleksander Maric, Damian Martin, Steve Markovic, Brad Newley, Mitch Selwood, Greg VanderjagtEva Afeaki, Caitlin Cunningham, Mikaela Dombkins, Rebecca Duke, Kate Gurney, Kathleen Macleod, Jenna O'Hea, Emma Pawlowski, Erin Phillips, Gabrielle Richards, Erin Seward, Rebecca Vanderjagt, Rachel Warren, Hanna Zavec
2002Aaron Bruce, Andrew Bogut, Nicolas Campbell, Rhys Carter, Larry  Davidson, David Florance, Sam Harris, Blagoj Janev, Daniel Kickert, Michael Magee, Aleksander Maric, Damian Martin, Danny Mills, Greg VanderjagtEva Afeaki, Zoe Carr, Katie Davis, Hollie Grima, Eleanor Haring, Lauren King, Jenah Piwanski, Emma Randell, Gabrielle Richards, Erin Seward, Kelly Wilson, Georgia Woodyard, Hanna Zavec
2001Adam Caporn, Chris Camerson, Nic Campbell, Rhys Carter, Ian Crosswhite, Graeme Dann, Larry Davidson, Emmanuelle D'Cress,    Jacob Holmes, Blagoj Janev, Daniel Kickert, Alex Loughton, John Philip, Luke Schenscher, Cameron TragardhNicole Carr, Katie Davis, Jessica Foley, Hollie Grima, Shelley Hammonds, Eleanor Haring, Lauren King, Jessica Mahony, Emma Randall, Laura Summerton, Carly Wilson, Georgia Woodyard
2000Christopher Cameron, Adam Caporn, Rhys Carter, Ian Crosswhite, Oscar Forman, Jacob Holmes, Neil Mottram, John Philip, Luke Schenscher, Ben Tautlli, Ryan Thompson, Marcus  WrightNicole Carr, Jessica Foley, Hollie Grima, Jacinta Hamilton, Shelley Hammonds, Brianna Hennessy, Jessica Mahony, Deanne Ranford, Jennifer Screen, Kate Smith, Peta Sinclair, Laura Summerton, Carly Wilson
1999Stephen Blalck, Wade Helliwell, Andrew Latimer, Andrew Looke, Neil Mottram, Adam Quick, Andrew Rice, Luke Schenscher, Luke Spencer-Gardner, Ben Tatulli, Daniel Thompson, Marcus WrightMonique Bowley, Deanne Butler, Ngozi Emeagi, Jacinta Hamilton, Shelley Hammonds, Jessica Mahony, Alison O'Dwyer, Samantha Richards, Jennifer Screen, Kate Smith, Belinda Snell, Carly Wilson.
1998David Andersen, Stephen Black, Brendan Clowry, Andrew Coulter, Andrew Latimer, Jonathon Lee,  Andrew Looke, Adrian Majstrovich, Andrew Rice, Kurt Russell, Bradley Sheridan, Stephen WattsSuzy Batkovic, Rohanee Cox, Lauren Fitzgerald, Desiree Glaubitz, Tania Heritage, Tammy Hoare, Lauren Jackson, Alison O'Dwyer, Deanna Smith, Deanne Butler (Smitheram), Belinda Snell, Penny Taylor, Kristen Veal
1997David Andersen, Dean Brogan,Justin Brown, Leigh Carlson, Brendan  Clowry, Peter Duck, Russell Hinder, Adrian Majstrovich, Damien Ryan, Bradley Sheridan, David Smith, Jared WilsonSuzy Batkovic, Rohanee Cox, Lauren Fitzgerald, Desiree Glaubitz, Tracey Braithwaite, Tammy Hoare, Kate Hogan, Lauren Jackson, Narelle Lindsay, Deanna Smith, Penny Taylor, Kristen Veal
1996David Andersen, Dean Brogan,     Justin Brown, Leigh Carlson,    Matthew Neilsen, David Pennisi, Bradley Sheridan, Nathan Taylor,    Ben Thompson, Tyson Ward, Jared Wilson, Toby ZarembaKellie Abrams, Suzy Batkovic, Christine Boyd, Tracey Braithwaite, Rohanee Cox, Chika Emeagi, Kate Hogan, Narelle Lindsay, Natalie Porter, Alicia Poto, Eleanor Sharp, Samantha Woosnam
1995Andrew Boeree, Ben Castle, Philip Doherty, Frank Drimic, Brendan Mann, Scott McGregor, Bradley McKinnon, Leon O'Neill, David Pennisi, Nathan Taylor, Tyson Ward, Jared WilsonKellie Abrams, Kristy Baker, Tracey Braithwaite, Tania Dhu, Chika Emeagi, Kate Hogan, Leah Horstmann, Peta Jaunutis, Narelle Lindsay, Melissa McClure, Emily McInerny, Eleanor Sharp, Kim Wielens
1994Andrew Boeree, Bradley Cook, Philip Doherty, Frank Drimic, Simon Dwight, Brendan Mann, Craig McAndrew, Scott McGregor, Bradley McKinnon, Nikola Mirich, Zoran Pejcinovic, Geln Saville.Kate Alexander, Kristy Baker, Tanya Chandler, Kerry Claydon, Leah Horstmann, Peta Jaunutis, Jae Kingi, Melissa McClure, Fiona McGrath, Emily McInerny, Natasha Taylor, Kim Wielens, Nicole Zibell
1993David Bowden, Timothy Brenton, Simon Dwight, Cameron Jackson,  Craig McAndrew, Nikola Mirich, Zoran Pejcinovic, glen Saville, Mathew  Scalzi, Matthew Shanahan, Aaron Trahair, Bradley WilliamsKate Alexander, Elizabeth Best, Carla Porter (Boyd), Kerry Claydon, Emma Clements, Sandra Brubisic, Kristi Harrower, Joanne Hill, Jae Kingi, Kelly Lemezs, Natasha O'Brien, Gina Stevens.
1992Martin Barmentloo, Christopher Blakemore, Marc Brandon, Timothy Brenton, Jason Cameron, Joseph Dews, Adam Grylewicz,Scott Harkess, Matthew Hughes, Craig McAndrew, Mathew Scalzi, Aaron Trahair, Bradley Williams.Sally Barney, Carla Porter (Boyd), Michelle Cleary (Chandler), Emma Clements, Sandra Grubisic, Kristi Harrower, Joanne Hill, Laura Howlett, Nerida Jeffery, Joanne Matthews, Gina Stevens, Wendy Toonen, Belinda van der Ploeg
1991Matthew Alexander, Lachlan Armfield, Christopher Blakemore, Marc Brandon, Christopher Carroll, Adam Grylewicz, Matthew Low, Brett Maher, Craig McAndrew, Douglas Peacock, Cory Reader, Blair Smith, Matthew WitkowskiCarla Porter (Boyd), Emma Clements, Allison Tranquilli (Cook), Sally Phillips (Crowe), Maryanne Briggs (Di Francesco), Trisha Fallon, Toni Gabelish, Laura Howlett, Nerida Jeffrey, Jodie Murphy, Samantha Tomlinson, Belinda van der Ploeg, Jenny Whittle.
1990Matthew Alexander, Lachlan Armfield,Warren Armour, Christopher Carroll, Leigh Cleary, Brendan Le Gassick, Matthew Low, Brett Maher, Doug Peacock, Cory Reader, Blair Smith, Matthew WitkowskiMichelle Griffiths (Brogan), Kate Cohen, Allison Tranquilli (Cook), Sally Phillips (Crowe), Maryanne Briggs (Di Francesco), Tracey Dyt, Trisha Fallon, Renae Fegent, Toni Gabelish, Narelle McConnell, Lisa McMahon, Jodie Murphy, Jenny Whittle
1989Lachlan Armfield, Leigh Cleary, David Close, Brendan Day, Mathew Dodson, Andrew Goodwin, Brendan Le Gassick, Brett Maher, Doug Peacock, Matthew Reece, Patrick Reidy, Tony RonaldsonNatasha Bargeus, Jenny Bedford, Trisha Fallon, Michelle Griffiths (Brogan), Teresa Cremer, Maryanne Briggs (Di Francesco), Tracey Dyt, Trisha Fallon, Renae Fegent, Toni Gabelish, Narelle McConnell, Lisa McMahon, Jodie Murphy, Jenny Whittle
1988Peter Booth, Brendan Day, Craig Evans, Andrew Goodwin, Craig Irvine*, Grant Kruger, Leny Lembo, Matthew Reece, Patrick Reidy, Derek Schock, Neil Turner, Paul WiddisValerie Ah Wong, Michelle Griffiths (Brogan), Natasha Bargeus, Michelle Watson (Gubbels), Lucille Hamilton, Cherie Hogg, Raquel Connell (Marsh), Tonya Mason, Julie Morton, Ceceilia Preece, Katie Priest, Teresa Phillips (Salter)
1987Tony Boniello, Mark Bradtke, Martin Clarke, Andrew Goodwin, Shane Heal, Peter Hill, Craig Irvine*, Grant Kruger, Luc Longley, NeilTurner, Andrew Vlahov, Paul ZadowValerie Ah Wong, Tamara Allan, Sandra Brondello, Nina Cass, Sue Barker, Tania Clarke, Shelley Sandie (Gorman), Lucille Hamilton, Julie Morton, Joanne Metcalfe (Moyle), Ceceilia Preece, Jenny Evans (Reisener), Anne Furlong (Robilliard), Fiona Robinson, Teresa Phillips (Salter), Karen Smith, Tina Stelzer, Julie Clarke (Wilts)
1986Tony Boniello, Mark Bradtke, Lyndon Brieffies, Martin Clarke, Scott Croll, Shane Froling, Warrick Giddey, Peter Hill, Mark Holder, Andrew Power,John Stelzer, Paul ZadowSandra Brondello, Nina Cass, Donna Cuperous (Herring), Michelle Gibbs, Tonia Iverson, Jenny Froling (Lind), Joanne Metcalfe (Moyle), Jenny Evans (Reisner), Anne Furlong (Robilliard), Fiona Robinson, Teresa Phillips (Salter), Karen Smith, Linda Smith, Lisa Logue (Vlahov), Carolyn Watts, Katie Watts, Julie Clarke (Wilts)
1985Matthew Buck, Martin Clarke, Scott Croll, Shane Froling, David Graham, Mark Holder, Graham Kubank, Luc Longley, Darren Lucas, Steven Lunardon, Peter Sexton, John Steizer, Trevor TorranceJenny Beha, Tracey Febey, Jenny Froling (Lind), Kathryn Cummings,(MacDonald), Michelle Gibbs, Fiona Robinson, Joanne Metcalfe (Moyle), Jenny Evans (Reisner), Anne Furlong (Robilliard), Debbie Slimmon, Karen Smith, Linda Muir (Smith), Dianne Stokes, Lisa Logue (Vlahov), Carolyn Watts
1984Chris Appleby, Matthew Buck, Mark Dalton, Mark Fitzgerald, David Graham, David Ingham, Graham Kubank, Darren Lucas, Timothy Morrissey, Peter Sexton, Murray  Shiels, Darren Stanwix, John Stelzer, Trevor Torrance, Zoran ZunicJenny Beha, Katherin Dick, Tracey Febey, Sue Geh*, Fiona Glidden, Julie McCallum (Grace), Sharon Hollingsworth, Kathryn MacDonald, Jenny Peterson, Andrienne Newman (Pratt), Linda Muir (Smith), Vicki Sporn (Dawe), Leanne Collins (Strooper)
1983Chris Appleby, Net Coten, Simon Cottrell, Mark Dalton, Robert Dempster, Scott Fenton*, Brett Flanigan, Michael Lee, Karl Luke, Sammy Mills, Tim Morrissey, Aporosa Tuitikova, Peter Wain, Eric WattersonTracey Browning, Christina Christie*, Annette De Jong, Sue Geh*, Fiona Glidden, Paula Martin (Hetenyi), Bronwyn Marshall, Julie McCallum (Grace), Jenny Kennedy (Peterson), Sandra Porter (Prettejohn), Donna Brown (Quinn), Sandra Morgan (Woods)*
1982Ned Coten, Simon Cottrell, Mark Dalton, Robert Dempster, Wayne Brown, Brett Flanigan, Jamie Kennedy, Karl Luke, Tim Morrissey, Peter Purins, Peter Wain, Eric Watterson, Bill WardTracey Brwoning, Sue Carter, Christina Christie*, Jenny Vera (Coffey), Paula Martin (Hentenyi), Jenney Kennedy (Peterson), Bronwyn Marshall, Marion Nandapi (Brinkman), Donna Brown (Quinn), Marisa Rowe, Kelly Watts, Sandra Morgan (Woods)*
1980/81Rhys Bennett, Wayne Brown, Simon Cottrell, Brett Flanigan, Jamie Kennedy, John Ophel, Trevor Pugh, Peter Purins, Brendan Stanwix, Jay Tremeling, Bill WardRobyn Blackburn, Paula Martin (Hetenyi), Bridget Offermans (Lane), Andree Greenwood (Marquis), Shelley Parison (Monaghan), Christine Jackson (Neilson), Joanne Piper, Donna Brown (Quinn), Marisa Rowe, Sandra Morgan (Woods)*


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