Ask Coach Sedale Threatt 16/10

Ask Coach Sedale Threatt 16/10

Have you got a question for LA Lakers Legend Sedale Threatt?


Sedale has played in over 950 NBA games, in is in the top 50 steals of All-Time. Now he lives in Australian and through his Australian Basketball College he helps Aussie Kids fulfil their dreams of player professional basketball every year.


Each and every week here at Aussie Hoopla Sedale will answer a question from any of our follows asking for advice on how to take their game to the top!


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 Our first question comes from Ben who is 12 and says…


I am 12 years old and think I am a good player. During skills practice at training I can dribble and shoot better than most kids my age but I am very skinny and whenever I try to dribble or shoot it in a game I get bumped around by opponents and usually turn it over or miss my shots.

It’s getting so bad that lately when players are yelling my name I just think I better pass it quickly so I don’t lose the ball for my team. What should I do? Please help me.



Be confident in your ability! You’ve stated that during training you are at least on par with most of the kids from a skills standpoint, so it’s about you being able to transfer your skills into gameplay, which is mental. You’ve got to believe in yourself and your abilities regardless if you’re skinnier than the other kids.

You can make up for your slight build with mental toughness. With that being said you are only 12 years old and have a lot of time to physically develop, and over time you will catch up with the other kids. Really this is out of your control and is something you shouldn’t worry about.

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