Ball Handling Drills – 2 Ball

Ball Handling Drills – 2 Ball

This set of drills is for intermediate to advanced ball handlers. Required for the drill is 2 basketballs ideally the same type and pumped up equally.

Key points for all drills:
keep your head up otherwise it is pointless!
Start slow if needed but eventually work up to going as fast as you can. If your not making mistakes your not trying hard enough.

2 ball same tempo
Dribble the length of the floor and back bouncing the balls at the same time
1 set x 2 reps (up and back = 1)
Key points – bounce balls hip height,  keep the balls a the same tempo

2 ball alternate tempo
Same as before dribble up and back but bounce the balls at an alternate tempo.
1 set x 2 reps (up and back = 1)

2 ball change of direction
Dribble up and back bouncing balls at same tempo and change direction every 3rd dribble
1 set x 1 rep

One high one low
In one hand bounce the ball low to the ground while at the same time  bouncing the ball in the other hand as high as possible.
1 set x 1 rep then change hands
Key points – one ball must be bouncing low and fast while the other is high and slow.

2 ball side to side in front
Dribbling both balls at the same tempo swing from side to side.
2 sets x 30sec
Key points – try and keep the balls as low and wide as possible, go as fast as you can

2 ball front to back
dribble both balls at same tempo forward and back by your side
2 sets x 30 sec
Key points –  keep balls as low and far out/back as possible

2 ball bounce juggling
Kind of like juggling – but with only 2 balls and bouncing it instead of throwing. Starting with a ball in each hand – Left hand does a cross over dribble while the right hand throws the ball in the air to the left hand.
1 set x 1min then change ways
Key points – try standing still then walking forward and backward. Then reverse the direction of the balls.

Ball handling is a great way to start every individual work out. Not only does it get you warm but it is essential to all positions. Try do at least a few 10-15 minute sessions a week and you will notice significant improvements. Rock up to training 15 minutes earlier every week and do some ball handling before practice.

Are you willing to go the extra mile?