Matthew Dellavedova (Australian Boomers) Podcast #8

Matthew Dellavedova (Australian Boomers) Podcast #8

“I think there is a bit of excitment over the NBL”Matthew Dellavedova regarding how Aussie’s in college think about the NBL

We talk to Matthew Dellavedova 18 hours he scored 12 points in the Boomers final game of the Farewell Series against Greece, the Boomers last game in Australia before heading to London for the Olympic Games.

We ask him if making the Boomers Olympic team was something he thought would happen this year, what it was like competing against some of his former team mates for a Boomers spot, What he thinks of the Boomers heading into the Olympics having not played any tough international competition as yet, how he thinks Aussie’s in the NCAA view the NBL right now and which members of the Australian Boomers he learns the most from.

Matt Dellavedova has had a great career at college so far and with the form he has been in is causing NBA whispers to stir. He has the smarts and cool of a pure point guard and if he makes the Olympic team it could be a great platform to make his case for an NBA gig. If given the opportunity Matthew Dellavedova could follow a similar path to Patty Mills if he can perform well on the ultimate of stages.

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