Free NBA 2013-14 Season Guide available online

Free NBA 2013-14 Season Guide available online


Do you remember Handle Magazine? It was a great Australian basketball magazine available in newsagents all across Australia from 2005 to 2009.

It was published bi-monthly and recently I touched base with Brad Graham who was the Editor-In-Chief / Art Director of Handle Magazine.

After the demise of Handle Magazine Brad has continued to produce great Australian produced NBA content, Brad is currently the Publisher / Creative Director of independant maagizne  BUCKETS: The Book of Basketball Goodness, a great online read which I encourage everyone to take a look at.

Over the past few months, much time and effort has been put in by Brad and the Buckets team to put together a great NBA 2013-14 Season Guide filled with loads of content, interviews and insight on every NBA team.

The magazine is free to view and is also in a printed version which is available here for those who haven’t quite stepped into the digital age as yet.




You can contact Brad on Twitter @BackpackBaller where he is set to announce a couple of big developments in terms of more quality AUSTRALIAN product NBA content being released by the crew very shortly.

Keep your eyes and ears open for that and feel free reach out to Brad for any feedback on regarding what he is doing now, or maybe the joy reading Handle back in the day gave you as an Australian basketball fan.


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