“Selling Ice to Eskimos” Hyping the Hoopla Basketball Podcast – Ep. 4

“Selling Ice to Eskimos” Hyping the Hoopla Basketball Podcast – Ep. 4


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The voice of Aussie Hoopla, Dan Boyce and co host Matt Smith, holder of 100 NBL games (dubiously) and former player for the Wollongong Hawks, New Zealand Breakers, Victoria Giants and Cairns Taipans discuss the latest in Australian Basketball news.


Last week NBA Superstar Andrew Bogut tweeted about an article witten by Melbourne based entrepreneur, author, and marketer Pete Williams two years ago that detailed the short comings of the NBL’s marketing strategies. Pete is a very successful Melbourne based entrepreneur working on Simplyheadsets.com.au and InfinitiTelecommunications.com.au as well as many other projects. The articles can be found here:

Saving Basketball Australia and the NBL
Reviving a Brand. The ABC’s of the NBL

The twitter-verse exploded with comments about the article and debate opened on what exactly should the NBL be doing in terms of marketing it’s product?

Aussie Hoopla’s “Hyping the Hoopla” team of Dan Boyce and his co host Matt Smith, who played for four different NBL teams during his career brought Pete on the show to discuss his blog and look at what the NBL is doing well, doing poorly and could be doing better to market and promote the game nationally.

Topics include

1. Why the NBL has lost value as a product
2. Would going back to winter help?
3. Do the Olympics help basketball in Australia?
4. The importance of “personalities” in the NBL
5. Is the All-Star Game worth having?
6. Are teams doing enough in the community
7. What’s important on NBL Game Night
8. Is moving to 10 minute quarters ruining basketball
9. What rule changes to the game can help


Aussie Hoopla Podcasts

Episode 29: Damian Martin
Perth Wildcats Captain

“I forgot a sock, didn't want to stand out and tell anyone I'd forgotten a sock. I thought I can get away with this, took off my jocks, wrapped them around my foot and taped it up with some ankle tape. I trained, thought I'd got away with it but afterwards I forgot and took my shoe off in the locker room, the whole team saw and they have never let me live it down"
- Damian Martin says an embarrassing memory from training with the Australian Basketball team.

Episode 28: Shane Heal
Australian Boomers Legend

“The trash Gary Payton was saying to me, it was laughable, like I’m going to kill you after the game… literally, just silly stuff. I guess when I asked if there was a hole in ‘the Glove’ he didn’t appreciate it”
- Shane Heal sharing Trash Talking stories of when he went head to head with Gary Payton in the Olympics.

Episode 27: Darryl McDonald
All-Time NBL Steals Leader

“After my second year with the Tigers Lindsay retires, Drewey retires, Copes and Bradtke went on to Brisbane and Chris Anstey had come in. I hadn’t talked to anybody and nobody came and spoke to me so I signed a deal with Wollongong”
- Darryl McDonald shares how he agreed to play with Wollongong Hawks prior to winning his two NBL Titles with the Melbourne Tigers

Episode 26: Mark Bradtke
The NBL's Greatest Big Man

“He was trying to find out how much power did he have, he’d try things and no one would say no to him, I think if he had an older player or coach to guide him through those things he would have developed into a different player. He’d take off his seatbelt and run up and down a private plan during take-off but no one would say anything so of course he would think oh well I will try something else next time to see where the boundaries are”
- Mark Bradtke discusses his time playing with Allen Iverson in Philadelphia.

Episode 25: Cal Bruton
NBL Hall of Famer

“It was a different time… the worst racism often came from the white american imports, one said I thought I left America to get away from you n*ggas… that was when the fight broke out, and the league took a bit of a stand after that”
- Cal Bruton discusses racism in the early days of the NBL.

Episode 24: Shawn Redhage
Perth Wildcats

“You look at the growth of the A League and stars that they’ve been able to bring in… a few years ago basketball and soccer were on an pretty even playing field and now they’ve just signed a very impressive TV deal. If we can get more guys like James Ennis into the league I think that's a move in the right direction”
- Shawn Redhage believes having a “Marquee Player” rule in the NBL would significantly help take the game to new heights.

Episode 23: Leon Trimmingham
Sydney Kings Legend

“My best dunk was against Chris Munk, the whole game he was talking trash to the whole team, saying he had an NBA resume and he was going to destroy the NBL, so I went up, switched to the left and I caught… after that dunk he didn’t say another word“
- Leon Trimmingham discussing his favorite dunk in the NBL.

Episode 22: Rob Beveridge
Perth Wildcats Championship Coach

“He was one of the most driven players I’ve ever seen and highly misunderstood. He’d push people to the ground but that was because he was a winner and he’d only accept 100%… he felt you had to dive on the loose balls, you had to get after rebounds and run the floor, that’s who he was”
- Rob Beveridge speaking about the drive behind Andrew Bogut during his time coaching him.

Episode 21: Brian Goorjian
The Greatest Coach in NBL history

"Never say never, (The Boomers) would be a nice thing to be a part of… I don’t know where they are going to finish but I look at it and it’s a very, very, very good team. Australia finally has not only that mix of NBA players but NBA players who love to represent their country”
- Brian Goorjian when asked if we would ever see him back in charge of the Australia National team.

Hyping the Hoopla
Ep. 7 "Bogut, Ubaka, Goorjian and more"

1. Ayinde Ubaka returns to the NBL
2. The NBL De-Merger
3. Did Brian Goorjian Ruin the NBL?
4. Is Andrew Bogut Injury prone
and much more

Hyping the Hoopla
Ep. 6 2013/14 NBL Season Preview Show

Every hiring and firing since the end of the 2013 season.

A team by team analysis of every roster prior to season tip-off

Adelaide 36ers Feature Podcast
with Willie Farley

“Youth seems to be a much bigger part of the NBL’s decision making. But look at the New Zealand Breakers, they’ve got a wide spread age bracket and thats the reason they’re back to back to back champions”
- Willie Farley thinks the NBL’s decision to focus on youth has hurt the talent level of the league

Episode 20: Brock Motum
NBA Draft Prospect

"Teams speak about what they're looking forward, different teams are looking for different things. I'm 6'11, I'm a shooter so I model my game similar to a Ryan Anderson (from New Orleans)... I think that position is something the NBA are looking to bring in more of"
- Brock Motum discusses where he would fit in the NBA

Episode 19: Acie Earl
Former Sydney King & Iowa Hawkeye Legend

“I just never really got along with him. I would love to have a conversation with him now and say what we’re you thinking at that time because I was really keyed in, I was really bought in to playing for the Kings but he was too young of a coach at the time”
- Acie Earl discusses his relationship with then Sydney Kings coach Brett Brown

Episode 18: Ater Majok
LA Lakers Draft Pick

“I’m glad they announced me as being from the Gold Coast (Blaze) instead of UConn, I was actually more exciting to be announced from Australia because not many people have been able to represent Australia (in the NBA)”
– Ater Majok takes us through what it was like being drafted by the LA Lakers.

Episode 17: Daniel Kickert
Australian Boomers

“It’s frustrating that I’ve never played in an NBL game, I’ve never played in front of family and friends in a professional level on home soil…. hopefully in the next few years”
– Daniel Kickert on his goals to play in the NBL very soon.

Episode 16: Chuck Harmison
NBL General Manager

We’re working really hard right now on developing a champions league between their top two teams and our top two teams… and it could happen as early as next season”
– Chuck Harmison on the NBL’s plans to expand into Asia

Episode 15: John Rillie (Part 2)
NBL Legend

“If myself, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen could go at it that would be interesting (anybody on an NBL level) Nah Shit NO!”
– John Rillie on what players would put pressure on him in a three-point shoot out

Episode 14: John Rillie (Part 1)
NBL Legend

“I think we waste so much negative energy on what can’t happen instead of what is and where we can take it”
– John Rillie regarding the current state of the NBL

Episode 13: Sedale Threatt (Part 2)
LA Lakers Legend

"Gary would say I'mma get 70 steals off you, but Jordan used to say little things to you like... The coach must be mad at you coz he put you on me, or I might go for my career high tonight"
– Sedale Threatt sharing trash talking tales of Gary Payton and Michael Jordan

Episode 12: Sedale Threatt (Part 1)
LA Lakers Legend

“Hold up man, ya’ll stop talking and put the cuffs on the great Michael Jordan because if it was Sedale Threatt you’d have me with my head down on the back seat…. Stop talking and put the cuffs on him”
– Sedale Threatt shares a story about the time he almost shared a prison cell with Michael Jordan

Episode 11: Derek Rucker
Future NBL Hall of Famer

Derek Rucker finished his NBL in the top ten all-time in scoring (7th), assists (4th), steals (4th) and three-point field goals made (5th). His 10.6 assists per game in 1994 is the highest season average ever and he holds the record for assists in a game with a mind boggling 24 dimes which is a record which may never be broken in the NBL.

Hyping the Hoopla Basketball Podcast
Ep. 4 “Selling Ice to Eskimos”

We speak to Melbourne Marketer and Entrepreneur Pete Williams whose articles on how the NBL should be marketing itself was brought to attention by Andrew Bogut online

Episode 10: Simon Kerle
The Most Controversial NBL Player Ever

He averaged 14 points over 381 games and although he never won a NBL Championship or make a Boomers squad he will always be remembered as possibly the most HATED player in the NBL in the 1990's and early 2000's.

Hyping the Hoopla

"First Ever LIVE Australian Basketball Podcast"

Dream Team Vs Team USA Who Wins?

Hyping the Hoopla Basketball Podcast
Ep. 3 "Dream On"

1. Why is Nathan Jawai not in the Boomers Olympic team?
2. Recap and Analysis of the Australian Under 17 Boys World Championships Silver Medal effort?
3. How will the Australian Boomers fare in the Olympics?
4. Does losing Andrew Bogut really matter to the Boomers medal hopes?

Episode 9: Willie Farley
Adelaide 36ers Legend

“Yes… because he has the skill on the court as well as off the court… he really thinks the game” – Willie Farley regarding if Brett Maher could have played in the NBA

Episode 8: Matthew Dellavedova
Australian Boomers

“I think there is a bit of excitment over the NBL” – Matthew Dellavedova regarding how Aussie’s in college think about the NBL

Episode 7: Corey "Homicide" Williams
NBL & Streetball Legend

“The NBL is my NBA” – Corey Homicide Williams

We ask Homicide what NBL teams he’d like to play for, how NBL Legend Darryl “D-Mac” McDonald is remembered in NYC and who he’d pay money to see in the NBL.

Hyping the Hoopla Basketball Podcast
Ep. 2 "Asian Persuasion"

1. 2012 NBL Off Season Player Movements
2. Seriously Melbourne Tigers… What’s going on?
3. Why Smitty hates the NBL points system
... and more

Episode 6: Daryl Corletto
New Zealand Breakers

“When I went to say goodbye to the coaching staff Trevor Gleeson blatantly lied to my face, he called me disrespectful, dishonest and told me I wasn’t loyal… This guy had been (in Melbourne) for 3 weeks I’d been here for 14 years”
– Daryl Corletto

Hyping the Hoopla Basketball Podcast
Ep. 1 "The Debut"

1. Trevor Gleeson is stood down by the Melbourne Tigers
2. How important is a coach in the NBL?
3. Does the NBL need a second team in Melbourne?
4. NBL Free Agent moves
and much more

Episode 5: Rob Rose
NBL Legend

“If Cam Tragardh is the leading scorer of this league… this league has a long way to come”
– Rob Rose

Episode 4: Adris DeLeon
Gold Coast Blaze

2Hard2Guard is a Streetball Legend in New York City. We spoke to him about how it was growing up in the Dominican Republic and New York City, How he got his nickname, and asked him about his Streetball rivalries with Brandon Jennings, Sebastian Telfair and Corey “Homicide” Williams.

Episode 3: Mitch Creek
Adelaide 36ers

Mitch Creek, fresh from winning the Adelaide 36ers Defensive Player of the Year tells Aussie Hoopla why he thinks the NBL is a better place to develop then College. Why he made the decision to play in the NBL instead of heading to the USA.

Episode 2: Daniel Dillon
Melbourne Tigers

““Your playing against some of the most talented guys from around the world. For me it just made me realise how many guys who aren’t in the nba, who are really talented, its such a fine line between those players and NBA players”
– Daniel Dillon on playing for Milwaukee Bucks summer league team

Episode 1: Rhys Carter
Former Adelaide 36er

Listen to the debut of the Aussie Hoopla Podcast, this episode we speak to former Adelaide 36er, Australian Boomer and NBL Champion Rhys Carter about winning a gold medal with Andrew Bogut in the Junior World Championships as well as how a player transitions to the AIS, College, Europe and the NBL
Dan BoyceAuthor: Dan Boyce (246 Posts)

Dan Boyce is a die-hard Sydney Kings fan who grew up in Melbourne during the roaring 90's of Australian Basketball and spent far too much time collecting Futera NBL Basketball cards