NBL Free Agent Tracker

NBL Free Agent Tracker

Free agency has so far some a number of huge announcements for NBL teams.

Players listed as contracted comes from information supplied by the National Basketball League.

Players listed as rumoured comes from discussions with NBL staff and media


* = import player

** = naturalised Australian

DP = member of the team’s development roster


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1Anthony DrmicG/FContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Brendan TeysGRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
3Daniel JohnsonF/CContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
4Majok DengFRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016
5Mitch CreekG/FContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
6Matt HodgsonCTRRe-Signed (2 Year Deal)
7Nathan SobeyGRDRe-Signed (2 Year Deal)
8Adam DoyleGRDRe-Signed (3 Year Deal)
9Shannon Shorter*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Le Mans Sarthe Basket (France)
10Ronald Roberts*FRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Delaware 87ers (D-League)
11Ramone Moore*GRDExpected to sign once season with Lietkabelis (Lithuania) is complete
Rumors & Injuries
-Jerome Randle*Salary expectations too high, expected to sign with Melbourne or China
1Daniel KickertF/CContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Adam GibsonGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3Anthony PetrieFRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
4Mitch YoungF/CContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
5Shaun BruceGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
6Matt KenyonGRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
7Reuben Te RangiFRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
8Travis Trice*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Cairns Taipans
9Tom JervisCTRContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
10Stephen Holt*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via CEZ Nymburk (Czech Republic)
11Perrin Buford*FRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Middle Tennessee State
Rumors & Injuries
-Cam BairstowCTRHas 1 year remaining but will sit out 2017-18 season with injury
-Torrey Craig*G/FReleased after receiving an NBA contract
1Jarrad WeeksGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Mitch McCarronGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3Cameron GliddonGRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
4Stephen WeighFRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
5Alex LoughtonF/CContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
6Nathan JawaiCTRContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
7Nnanna Egwu*CTRRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
8Damon HeuirGRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
9Kuany KuanyGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Chaminade University (Div II)
10Dayshon "Scoochie" Smith*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Dayton (NCAA)
11Michael Carerra*FRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Marinos de Anzoategui (Venezula)
Rumors & Injuries
-Jeremy Kendle*GRDWas considered for import spot, likely to play in Europe/Asia
1Rhys MartinGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Kevin WhiteGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3Cody EllisFRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
4Mitch NortonGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
5Rotnei Clarke*GRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
6AJ OgilvyCTRContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
7Nick KayF/CContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
8Tim CoenraadFRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
9Oscar FormanFRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
10Demitrius Conger*G/FNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Antwerp Giants (Belgium)
11Delvon Johnson*FRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Sodertalje (Sweden)
DPAngus GloverGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via AIS
DPMarshall NelsonGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Wayland Baptist (NCAA)
DPNic PozoglouFRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Bankstown (Waratah)
Rumors & Injuries
-Rob Beveridge has said he is keen to secure a Casey Prather, Torrey Craig type import
1Chris GouldingGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Tai WesleyFRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3David AndersenF/CContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
4Craig MollerFRDNew Signing (2 Year Deal) via Sydney Kings
5David BarlowFRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
6Majok MajokF/CRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
7Josh BooneFRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
8Kyle AdnamGRDMoved from development squad to full roster (2 Year Deal)
9Peter HooleyGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Ballarat Miners (SEABL)
10Casey PratherG/FNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Perth Wildcats
11Casper WareGRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
DPJesse WhiteFRDDevelopment Player (1 Year Deal) via Collingwood Magpies (AFL)
DPSam ShortGRDDevelopment Player (2 Year Deal) via Ballarat (SEABL)
DPTohi-Smith MilnerF/CRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
Rumors & Injuries
-Daniel DillonGRDInjured Achilles after signing 1 year deal. Out for season.
-Rhys CarterGRDWas potential Dan Dillon replacement, now likely to play in Sweden
-Josh ChildressFRDIn talks with Melbourne
-William McDowell-WhiteGRDDecided to play in Germany
1Shea IliGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Finn DelaneyFRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3Tom AbercrombieG/FContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
4Mika VukonaFRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2015)
5Alex PledgerCTRContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
6Kirk PenneyG/FContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
7Rob LoeF/CRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
8James HunterF/CNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Southland Sharks (NZNBL)
9Edgar Sosa*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Juvecaserta Basket (Italy)
10DJ Newbill*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Ostende (Belgium)
11Jordan NgataiFRDMoved from development squad to full roster (2 Year Deal)
DPDerone RaukawaGRDRe-Signed (1 Year Deal)
DPMitchell NewtonFRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Southland Sharks (NZNBL)
DPDaniel FotuFRDNew Signing
Rumors & Injuries
-Isaac FotuFRDBreakers remain in talks about Fotu returning to NZ in future
-Tai WynyardF/CIn talks with New Zealand, team is keen to sign if he fails to make NBA
1Matt KnightF/CContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
2Angus BrandtCTRContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3Greg HireG/FContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
4Dexter Kernich-DrewGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
5Jesse WagstaffFRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
6Damian MartinGRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
7Jarrod KennyGRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
8Bryce Cotton*GRDRe-Signed (1 year deal)
9Lucas WalkerFRDRe-Signed (1 year deal)
10Derek Cooke Jnr*FRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Northern Arizona Suns (G-League)
11Devondrick Walker*GRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Delaware 87ers (G-League)
Rumors & Injuries
-Corey WebsterGRDReleased (Heading to Europe)
1Jason CadeeGRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
7Perry Ellis*FRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Greensboro Swarm (NBDL)
2Tom GarleppFRDContracted (Signed 2 Year Deal in 2016)
3Kevin Lisch **GRDContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
4Brad NewleyG/FContracted (Signed 3 Year Deal in 2016)
5Dane PineauFRDNew Signing (2 Year Deal w/ team option) via St Marys Gaels
6Todd BlanchfieldG/FNew Signing (2 Year Deal) via Melbourne United
8Isaac HumphriesF/CNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Kentucky (NCAA)
9Travis LeslieGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Fort Wayne Mad Ants (D-League)
10Adam ThosebyGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Georgia Southwestern St. (DII)
11Amritpal SinghCTRNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Pune Peshwas (India)
DPSam DalyGRDNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Chaminade (NCAA)
DPDarcy MaloneCTRNew Signing (1 Year Deal) via Cal State Fullerton (NCAA)
DPDeng AcouthCTRNew Signing (1 Year Deal)
Rumors & Injuries
-Bobby Ray ParksFilipino who Kings considered signing as a local player
-Josh ChildressWas in talks with Sydney but seems a deal couldn't be made
-Julian KhazzouhExpected to play in Lebanon this season
-Aleks MaricSigned with Al-Muharraq (Bahrain)


Key highlights of the NBL salary cap changes are listed below:

  • Rosters increased to 11 contracted players.
  • Existing ‘hard cap’ of $1m to be replaced by a ‘soft cap’ of $1.1m, exceeding which will result in a team having to make a salary equalization subsidy contribution.
  • Salary cap in future years determined by averaging all teams’ salary payments for the prior season.
  • Development players now permitted to play in all home and away games and age limit rises from 24 to 25.
  • One player per team from a FIBA Asia or Oceania country other than Australia or NZ may be contracted as a non-restricted player.
  • Marquee Player System to apply to non-restricted players only.
  • Up to 4 marquee players permitted per team, and only a specified component of their salaries will be counted toward the salary cap.
  • Up to 3 Restricted (Import) Players on each roster
  • Aggregate salaries of at least 5 players on each team must not exceed $400,000 in 2016/17.
  • Salary Floor implemented – Clubs must spend at least 90% of the Salary Cap.
    Salaries publicly disclosed.
  • Player Points System removed.
  • Player Values for Salary Cap purposes to be assigned by Contract Review Committee – their values will override the salary submitted on paperwork to the NBL as a measure to police the Salary Cap and ensure Players are appropriately valued.
  • $1.1m Salary Cap is a Soft Cap, with teams able to spend over and above this figure however they will be required to contribute to the Salary Equalisation Subsidy Account. Funds accrued in this account will be able to be distributed to Clubs who are struggling to meet the Salary Floor.




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