NBL.TV is on its way, and will be worth the wait

NBL.TV is on its way, and will be worth the wait

NBL fans waiting on the arrival of NBL.TV may still have a short wait ahead of them if a recent Facebook comment from the league is any indication.


When asked when NBL.TV would finally be available, the league’s Facebook page responded with this:


“You guys have been very patient. We’re currently putting the finishing touches on it and it will be dropping very soon #worththewait.”


If NBL.TV proves to be worth the wait, that hashtag may well start trending. But for the moment, the league remains cagey on details in regards to the streaming service, which many have expected to be released by now, given there is only a week until the season tip off.


Insiders who have seen the product so far say that it is by far the best visual presentation the league has ever had. The NBL has even enlisted some of the NBA’s graphics experts to work on their NBL TV and FOX SPORTS product.


The NBL clearly has big plans for NBL.TV, with CEO Larry Kestleman saying, “Our goal is nothing short of being the most digitally watched sport in Australia – it’s as simple as that.”


Larry Kestleman has made a heavy financial investment into NBL.TV, and he has hopes of selling the product to the world. Fans may have to wait a few days yet, but it most certainly will be #worththewait.


annNBL. TV will include: 

  • Hundreds of classic games dating back to 1979, available for the first time ever.
  • Every game of the 2016/17 NBL season in HD, LIVE and on demand
  • A free subscription option to follow your team
  • A $5 per month subscription option to receive all content.
  • Free full subscriptions for people signed to Telstra.




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