Offseason Strength and Conditioning for Basketball – Part 1/3

Offseason Strength and Conditioning for Basketball – Part 1/3

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Season

Since the practice of strength and conditioning in basketball the game has changed dramatically. The sport at its highest level is much different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. At college or even high school level it has become much faster and more physical than ever before.
To cater for drastically increased physical demand many players now train year round and use the offseason period as an opportunity to regenerate and improve on various aspects of their game and physical conditioning. By following an appropriate offseason regimen will lay the foundation for the year ahead and further prepare an athlete for peak performance.
This three part article features introductory 4-weeks offseason strength and conditioning regimen based on three major disciplines: strength, conditioning and reactive training. Collectively the program aims to lay the foundation for later phases of heavier and/or more explosive style lifting, whilst improving your general conditioning and physical preparation.

Offseason Strength Training

The offseason strength training program presented here is a three session a week commitment that is high repetition and low intensity (weight lifting) in nature. This is the beginning of a basic strength and power program that looks to condition and stabilize the muscles while inducing hypertrophy (muscle growth).
In contrary to popular upper and lower body split program the training system presented here works both body segments every session. The program is designed in this fashion since basketball players of all level are often required to compete on a back-to-back basis and even in basketball tournaments featuring multiple games within a day. Therefore, it will be imperative for players to develop the work capacity to prepare for such an event.
Furthermore, a big part of this program is designed in a superset format allowing for minimal rests between exercise bouts. Exercises are grouped in tiers, coded here by [Tx], tiers of the same number are to be performed one after another, i.e. T2a and T2b exercises are to be performed one after another with less than 10 seconds break in between. By performing exercises in this manner will challenge the nervous system and tax the metabolic process which is great for muscle shaping.

This is the first phase of a 12 week training program.

* Weights prescribed here are only to be used as a guide, adjust as necessary.

T1DB GOBLET SQUAT -PYRAMID12.5kg3x812.5kg3x1012.5kg3x1015kg3x6
Perform 8 reps per weight and move immediately to next weight15kg3x815kg3x1015kg3x1017.5kg3x6
T2aDB BENCH PRESS10kgx1010kgx1010kgx1010kgx10
Neutral grip and rotate to pronated grip at the press12.5kgx812.5kgx812.5kgx812.5kgx8
Explode the push and make sure body comes up in 1 motion
Continue to lift the hips as you curl the SB
T3aDB SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT10kg3x8e10kg3x10e10kg3x10e15kg3x8e
Maintain alignment from shoulder-hip to ankle of the lift leg
T3bDB SINGLE LEG SIDE RAISES5kg3x4e5kg3x5e5kg3x6e5kg3x5e
T1DB SINGLE ARM SNATCH7.5kg3x6e7.5kgx5e7.5kgx5e10kgx5e
Drive through the hips explosively10kg2x5e10kg2x4e12.5kg2x5e
T2aDB STEP UP7.5kg3x8e7.5kg3x10e7.5kg3x12e7.5kgx8e
Drive through the hips explosively10kgx8e
Fully extend the stance leg
T2bSTEP UP JUMPBW3x6eBW3x8eBW3x10eBW3x8e
Drive body off the box explosively
Fully extend the stance leg
T3aCHIN UPBW3x8BWx10BW2x10BW3x10
T3bMEDICINE BALL SLAM3kg3x83kg3x83kg3x103kg3x10
Fully extend the arm, and torso and slam down aggressively
T3cDB SCARECROW-PRESS5kg3x85kg3x85kg3x105kg3x10
T1BENCH PRESS3x10x82x83x8
Control the lowering2x102x10
Push up explosively
T2aGOBLET SQUAT17.5kg3x1020kg3x820kg3x1025kg3x6
Drive through the hips explosively
Drive the jump through the hips
'stick' the landing
T2cSIDE PLANKBW2x15sBW2x15sBW2x20sBW2x20s
Maintain alignment from shoulder-hip and ankle
T4MED BALL PLANK CIRCUITPerform the exercises in a row for 40s each
Med ball plankIf the exercise is unilateral, perform it for 20s each side
Single-leg med ball plankRepeat the circuit for 2 sets
Knee forward med ball plank
Knee to side med ball plank
Foot to side med ball plank
Author: Neal Wen (3 Posts)

Neal Wen is the Strength and Conditioning coach for some of the best basketballers in Australasia. Neal is currently the head strength and conditioning coach for the Melbourne Tigers and many other National Representative athletes as well as the Director of sports performance at AUBD performance. Neal's passion and innovating methodologies have him positioned as one of the leading experts in sports performance for basketball this side of the world.