Where does Joe Ingles fit in the NBA?

Where does Joe Ingles fit in the NBA?

Joe Ingles made fans around Australia take notice of his incredible skill set when he took out the 2007  NBL Rookie of the year award as a member of the South Dragons. Ingles is currently undergoing a similar break out campaign, this time making NBA scouts take notice as a member of the Australian Olympic Team in London.

Ingles has crafted an impressive European resume recently and buzz is starting to generate throughout the internet with NBL and NBA fans alike discussing the possibility of Ingles signing an NBA contract in 2012/13. Take note that he is only 24 years old and has oodles of potential. If Ingles could find the ‘right fit’ in the NBA he could grow to be the ideal sixth man to an NBA team.

These are a few teams that could be interested in Joe in the future.

Los Angeles Lakers

Contract Available: (Rookie 2+2 Team Option)

EST WORTH: $764k Per Year

Position: Prospect/Back Up SG/SF

Steve Nash is no doubt the Lakers biggest acquisition for 2012/13 so far but bringing Ingles into the fold would add something unique to ‘Tinseltown’. Standing at 6’8″ Ingles would provide versatile size able to fit nicely behind Metta World Peace or even Kobe Bryant. Kobe has always been a warrior as far as injuries are concerned, however it is surely the 33 year old will succumb to ‘Father Time’ sooner rather than later. This is even more likely with Kobe choosing to play in the Olympics rather than rest his body this off season. Ingles could play maybe 10 to 12 minutes a game and could provide a defensive intensity and a viable scoring option with the offence. The Lakers need a somebody with speed, height and an ability to create offence at the shooting guard and small forward positions, two positions not getting younger on the Lakers roster and Ingles could be a perfect fit there.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Contract Available: (Rookie 2+2 Team Option)

EST WORTH: $476k Per Year

Position: Backup Small Forward

Joe Ingles would be a perfect back-up for Kevin Durant. On the Oklahoma Thunder squad Joe Ingles could handily replicate Kevin Durant’s place in the offence for the 8-12 minutes a game Durrant is likely to see on the bench. Ingles is arguably a “very” poor man’s Durrant, so he would be able to step onto the court for Durant and allow the Thunder to continue running their regular offence in Durant’s absence. Fundamentally, Ingles shares a similar skills set to Durant as both rely on athletic abilities to defend and get to the basket. The Thunder are already as deep talent-wise as any other team around he league and have little cap room to spend big. A player like Ingles would be a great cost effective great fit for a team not looking to “rock the boat” and looking to win a championship.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Contract Available (Rookie 1+2 Team Option)

EST WORTH: $1.26 Per Year

Position: Sixth/Seventh Man

The Cavaliers provide a drastically different oppurtunity for Joe Ingles. Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers are both team’s with little cap room, looking to add ‘small parts’ in order to push their current core into NBA title contention. The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to develop young talent for the future. Here Joe Ingles could become a big time contributor off of the bench.

Defence is sorely needed at Cleveland and Joe provides that. Another spot up shooter around the perimeter would no doubt alleviate pressure off superstar Kyrie Irving offensively. Cleveland have been reliantly on Alonzo Gee thus far but he is looking likely to reject the Cavs’ qualifying offer. C.J. Miles could become Cleveland’s starting small forward a player Ingles could seriously compete with for minutes.

Joe Ingles has the most debut points by an Australian in NBL history

These are just a few teams that Joe could fit in well with in the NBA. Regardless, now is the time for Joe to really take a shot at making an NBA roster off the back of an impressive Olympic campaign so far. He has what it takes to be an NBA place, the only thing he needs to work on now, is getting an opportunity.

Author: Nich Fabrici - Twitter: @nfabrici55 (3 Posts)