Podcast No. 1 – Rhys Carter winning Gold with Andrew Bogut and how to play as an import

Podcast No. 1 – Rhys Carter winning Gold with Andrew Bogut and how to play as an import

Listen to the debut of the Aussie Hoopla Podcast,

Our first episode features former Adelaide 36ers Rhys Carter in a discussion with Aussie Hoopla about how he made his way from a junior player to a professional and the pathways young players need to take in order to becoming an elite basketball player.

Rhys has had an amazing career which includes;

  • Being part of the greatest AIS SEABL team ever
  • Winning a gold medal with Andrew Bogut in the Junior World Championships
  • Playing against the AND1 mix-tape squad
  • Playing for NBL teams, Victoria Giants, West Sydney Razorbacks, South Dragons and Adelaide 36ers
  • A career highlight being winning the 2009 NBL Championship

This is something every young basketball player should listen to who is planning to play College, NBL or Euro Basketball and the steps you need to take to make it.

The answers to what a young player should be wary of when choosing a college to play at, is college or the AIS a better development option for young players and how can Australian’s get basketball jobs in teams all over Europe.

In an information and humerus chat Rhys Carter also shares tales of Brian Goorjian’s coaching style, what Andrew Bogut was like before becoming an NBA superstar, why he didn’t end up winning an NCAA Championship with Luke Schenscher at Georgia Tech and so much more.

Highlights from Rhys Carter’s Championship NBL season



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