Chuck Harmison (NBL General Manager) Podcast #16

Chuck Harmison (NBL General Manager) Podcast #16

“We’re working really hard right now on developing a champions league between their top two teams and our top two teams… and it could happen as early as next season” – Chuck Harmison on the NBL’s plans to expand into Asia

We were lucky enough to get the chance to chat with the NBL General Manager Chuck Harmison who discusses his memories of the early days of the NBL playing in front of non-existent crowds for $1,000 a year to the heyday of the 1990’s and now today.

We ask Chuck for answers to our the questions we received from the fans, when can we expect to see NBL teams in Brisbane, Newcastle and Wellington (New Zealand), What things the NBL are planning for the 2012 NBL All-Star Game, what plans do the NBL have regarding developing the game in Asia and what really led to the demise of Sydney and Brisbane in 2009 as well as the Gold Coast Blaze in 2012.

In what was the rare chance for NBL fans to get answers from one of the people calling the shots for the game down under. Chuck also shares his thoughts on the NBL Hall of Fame, loud music during the games and whether the NBL points system restricts trades and stops NBL players getting jobs in our league.

Chuck Harmison in the NBL glory days  (Illawarra Vs West Sydney)

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Author: Dan Boyce (148 Posts)

Dan Boyce is a die-hard Sydney Kings fan who grew up in Melbourne during the roaring 90's of Australian Basketball and spent far too much time collecting Futera NBL Basketball cards

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